Saberforge adds NEW Custom Cerakote lightsaber section

Saberforge added a category of lightsabers to their website and Etsy store called ‘Custom Cerakote Sabers’ [AFFILIATE LINK]. Cerakote is a proprietary polymer ceramic coating that is typically used with items like firearms. In this case, Saberforge is using the coating on lightsabers.

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The Cerakote name is a portmanteau, combining the words ‘ceramic’ and ‘coat’. A spray-on finish, Cerakote is a versatile, protective coating that can be applied to: metals, polymers, plastics and wood.

The Custom Cerakote Saber section features hilts with highly customized, multicolored designs with logos, rather than simple, solid-colored finishes. The majority of the current hilts in the Custom Cerakote Saber section use superhero colors and logos. Some of the other hilts are (unofficially) Star Wars inspired, with names ‘Trooper’ and ‘Bane’.

Custom Cerakote Sabers in the Saberforge etsy store [AFFILIATE LINK]:

Custom Cerakote Sabers on

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