Star Wars Transformers: The Ultimate Guide to the Crossover Toyline

Star Wars Transformers is a crossover toyline featuring robot style figures of popular Star Wars characters that may convert into a ship or vehicle associated with the character. Each toy comes with at least one small figure that may pilot the vehicle along with accessories for the large robot style figure. The toyline takes inspiration … Read more

What is a lightsaber katana? | Lightsaber Terminology

katana lightsaber

A lightsaber katana is a mashup lightsaber or crossover lightsaber design that incorporates one or many elements of a katana, a traditional Japanese long sword associated with the samurai. Star Wars borrows many elements from the samurai warriors and other Japanese influences, making lightsaber katana and accessories appealing and popular among many lightsaber enthusiasts. Many … Read more

Saberforge adds NEW Custom Cerakote lightsaber section

Saberforge Cerakote lightsabers

Saberforge added a category of lightsabers to their website and Etsy store called ‘Custom Cerakote Sabers’. Cerakote is a proprietary polymer ceramic coating that is typically used with items like firearms. In this case, Saberforge is using the coating on lightsabers. Watch Saberforge adds NEW Custom Cerakote lightsaber section on YouTube The Cerakote name is a portmanteau, combining … Read more