What is a lightsaber katana? (Lightsaber Terminology)

A lightsaber katana is a mashup lightsaber or crossover lightsaber design that incorporates one or many elements of a katana, a traditional Japanese long sword associated with the samurai. Star Wars borrows many elements from the samurai warriors and other Japanese influences, making lightsaber katana and accessories appealing and popular among many lightsaber enthusiasts. Many but not all lightsaber katana use a tsuba (hand guard). Lightsaber katana may take inspiration from other Japanese sword features like tsuka-ito (handle wrap).

Sabermach Makaze with optional tsuba | IMAGE CREDIT SaberMach

Lightsaber Katana Hilt
Several custom saber companies sell katana inspired lightsaber hilt designs. Companies that sell katana style lightsabers include:
• Saberforge
(Katana, Ronin)
• Sabermach (Makaze with optional tsuba)
• Ultrasabers (Spectre)
• Vader’s Vault
(Katana, Legionnaire)
• The Pach Store (Katana Saber, WonderForce Zetsu Custom Katana Saber, Ultimate Works WonderForce Flextana)

The mix and match Kyberlight lightsaber system [affiliate link] also includes a couple tsuba-like emitter piece options (Plasmafier, Arbiter).

Katana Lightsaber Accessories contains affiliate links
Some custom saber companies sell katana inspired lightsaber accessories as well, like tsuba or katana inspired blades. Blue Force Sabers (Etsy) [affiliate link] makes decorative, 3D printed saber tsuba that attach to a 1 inch diameter lightsaber blade.

attachable 3D printed saber tsuba from Blue Force Sabers

Multiple companies sell katana inspired flat acrylic lightsaber blades, including:
Ripper Blades (Etsy) (Katana, Katana 300, Ninja)
Ripper Clones (Clone Katana, Cloned Ninja)
AC Lightsabers (Etsy) (Katana, Plain Katana)
Kyberlight (Samurai)

Katana Inspired Lightsabers in Star Wars Canon
The lightsabers carried by Rahm Kota and Kanan Jarrus are heavily influence by the katana.

The Pach Store Katana Saber (left) | IMAGE CREDIT The Pach Store
Ripper Blades Katana Ripper Blade (middle) | IMAGE CREDIT Ripper Blades
Blue Force Sabers Galactic Empire Illuminated Saber Tsuba (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Blue Force Sabers
Antique Japanese Katana and Case (bottom) | Public Domain Image

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