What is a mashup lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A mashup lightsaber is a lightsaber that uses at least one design element from another pop culture franchise or history. Some common examples of mashup lightsabers include incorporating an element from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, sports teams, etc. Superhero mashup lightsabers, for both DC and Marvel heroes and villains, are quite popular as well.

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Logos are a pretty common and popular choice, especially for superhero mashup lightsabers (e.g. Superman logo, Batman logo, Spider-Man logo, etc). The color scheme can also match the color scheme of a character or ‘team’ (e.g. red and blue for Superman, scarlet and gold for Harry Potter Gryffindor). Etching a phrase (e.g. a Lord of the Rings phrase written in Elvish script) is another example of a common mashup lightsaber customization.

Mashup lightsabers are often either customized by the end user or sent away to a sabersmith. Shadowcrest Design, for example, specializes in lightsaber etchings, which can include a mashup design. Saberforge also has made some primarily superhero themed Cerakote mashup lightsabers. Blue Force Sabers (Etsy) [AFFILIATE LINK] makes superhero mashup lightsabers as well.

Sometimes people will select a custom sound font for their mashup lightsaber with a collection sounds related to another pop culture franchise. For example, a Mario Bros sound font could include the Super Mario Bros theme song and sound bytes of character catchphrases like “Itsa me, Mario!”.

Mashup lightsabers are a kind of fun and interesting concept because they allow people to combine Star Wars with another thing that they’re passionate about to create sort of a hybrid lightsaber design.

Mashup lightsabers can be created in many ways, using: etching, painting, powder coating, Cerakote, etc. It’s always neat seeing photos of different creative mashup lightsaber designs.

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