DarkLyte Customs: Acrylic Lightsaber Stands and SaberLok Belt Clips (Lightsaber Company Spotlight)

DarkLyte Customs is a United States Etsy seller known for selling custom acrylic lightsaber stands and the SaberLok 2.0 and SaberLok-D belt clips for wearing lightsaber hilts. The DarkLyte Customs Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK] has received nearly 2000 orders since opening in 2015.

In late November 2018, DarkLyte Customs announced that he will be closing his Etsy store permanently. He said he will be closing because “[s]ome big changes are happening for myself and my family (all very good). With that being said, I will not have time to continue running DarkLyte Customs like I have been on Etsy” (Source: DarkLyte Customs Facebook post, Nov. 2018). Although the store has occasionally been closed temporarily to process a backlog of orders, the exact closing date, which would presumably be in 2019, is unknown.

DarkLyte Customs Arcylic Lightsaber Stands
DarkLyte Customs has made many acrylic lightsaber stands. Some of stands are basic, generic stands (with or without logos), designed to accommodate lightsaber hilts of varying shapes and sizes.

Other stands are tailored to specific lightsaber hilt models and runs. DarkLyte Customs has made custom lightsaber stands designed for hilts from: Korbanth, Roman Props, Solo’s Hold, etc. For example, the DarkLyte Customs Blind Knight Stand is designed to accommodate the specific size and shape of the Solo’s Hold Blind Knight lightsaber hilt.

DarkLyte Customs had previously also made some larger-sized lightsaber stands, illuminated with LEDs.

DarkLyte Customs Blind Knight Stands (left) and DarkLyte Customs Illuminated LED | IMAGE CREDIT DarkLyte Customs

DarkLyte Customs Saberlok 2.0 Belt Clip | IMAGE CREDIT DarkLyte Customs

DarkLyte Customs SaberLok 2.0 and SaberLok-D belt clips
DarkLyte Customs also used to make the SaberLok 2.0 and SaberLok-D belt clips. The SaberLok 2.0 was a popular Covertec belt clip alternative. SaberLok-D was a belt clip designed to secure a lightsaber hilt with a D-ring. The company stopped making SaberLok belt clips in 2017.

Although DarkLyte Customs says he is leaving Etsy, he asserts he is NOT leaving the custom lightsaber community altogether. He says that in the future he intends to occasionally release limited runs of lightsaber stands on The Replica Prop Forum (RPF) or The Rebel Armory (TRA).

DarkLyte Customs Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

DarkLyte Customs Facebook announcement of Etsy store closing


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