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Lightsaber Tourism: Saberforge Featured in Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory Tourism Ads

‘Agri-saber-smith’ Oregon tourism sign spotted at an airport in December 2018

Custom lightsaber company Saberforge is currently featured in tourism ads and materials for Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory with the tagline “Agri-saber-smith”.

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Saberforge, located in Oregon City, Oregon, is one of the largest and most well-known custom saber companies in the world. It’s also one of the few the custom saber companies to have a lightsaber showroom that’s open to the public.

On the tourism website, Saberforge is described as “The world’s first consumer saber showroom” in the “Shopping – Unique Gifts” category. A trip to the Saberforge showroom is also included in a two-day suggested travel itinerary.

Mt. Hood area 2-day travel itinerary (includes stop at Saberforge showroom)

Saberforge website

Saberforge Etsy store [AFFILIATE LINK]

COVER IMAGE CREDIT: Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory tourism website

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