Star Wars Celebration Lightsaber Vendors: What You Should Know

Lightsaber enthusiasts would like to know; where can Star Wars fans purchase lightsabers at Star Wars Celebration? Star Wars Celebration, one of the largest and most important Star Wars events of the year, will be held in Chicago this year from April 11 to April 15, 2019. The event will feature panels with Star Wars cast and crew members, signings, and an exhibit floor with vendors. Star Wars Celebration will also likely feature the unveiling of the anticipated Star Wars Episode 9 teaser trailer.

At such a large and significant Star Wars event and party, where can fans buy lightsabers?

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Buying Officially Licensed Lightsabers at Star Wars Celebration
Hasbro (Booth: 1723) will exhibit at the event. Hasbro manufactures the Star Wars: Bladebuilders toy lightsaber line and the Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsaber line designed for adults.

Officially licensed lightsabers that are currently in production (e.g. Hasbro lightsabers) along with limited edition and retired lightsabers (e.g. Master Replicas) will be available for purchase from various event exhibitors.

Star Wars Celebration will offer limited edition, exclusive merchandise as well. It’s possible that the exclusive merchandise could include a lightsaber related item, although a list of exclusive merchandise has not yet been released.

Buying Custom Lightsabers at Star Wars Celebration
Custom lightsaber companies (e.g. Ultrasabers, Saberforge, Vader’s Vault, Sabertrio, etc.) are NOT allowed to exhibit at Star Wars Celebration. Custom saber companies are likely not allowed to exhibit at Star Wars Celebration because Disney and Lucasfilm tolerate the existence of profitable, custom lightsaber companies without necessarily endorsing the existence of the custom lightsaber companies.

Despite the dearth of custom lightsaber companies at Star Wars Celebration, the event may still present a prime opportunity for purchasing new or used custom lightsabers outside of the convention walls. Individuals from some of the custom saber companies, like Vader’s Vault, will be attending Star Wars Celebration as fans. Also, since the event encourages networking, mixing and mingling of fans, there may be an opportunity to purchase a lightsaber second hand from another Star Wars fan.

Follow some of the large custom lightsaber Facebook groups (e.g. The Vault) and forums to find out which sabersmiths and individuals from some of the custom saber companies will be attending Star Wars Celebration and you may be able to purchase a lightsaber from them off-site.

Star Wars Celebration website

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