Lightsaber Blueprints and Schematics: What You Should Know

Master Replicas lightsaber blueprints

Lightsaber blueprints, schematics and technical drawings provide graphic representations of physical elements of a lightsaber hilt. Etsy search for custom saber blueprints affiliate linkeBay search for Master Replicas lightsaber blueprints affiliate link What is the purpose of the graphic representations of a lightsaber? In some cases, lightsaber blueprints and other graphic representations of lightsaber may … Read more

Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Hilt Stand: What You Should Know

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber Hilt Stand

The Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Hilt Stand is available exclusively from Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The metal lightsaber stand, which is designed to hold a lightsaber hilt without the blade, is sized for Savi’s Workshop lightsaber hilts (i.e. the custom, build your own lightsaber) and legacy lightsaber hilts (i.e. … Read more

Legacy Lightsabers from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Everything You Need To Know

Darth Vader legacy lightsaber from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Legacy lightsabers are realistic, character lightsabers available exclusively at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. The store is located inside Star War Galaxy’s Edge, the ‘Star Wars Land’ at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The lightsabers turn up on eBay [affiliate link] and other secondary markets as well, typically at a markup from the price inside the … Read more

Ultrasabers Deal of the Day Lightsaber Discounts: What You Should Know

Ultrasabers Manticore lightsaber

The Ultrasabers Deal of the Day is a section on the Ultrasabers website typically offering a fixed dollar amount discount, often ranging from $10 off to around $25 off, one or more specific Ultrasabers lightsaber hilt designs. Each Deal of the Day promotion runs for a set amount of time and features an expiration date. … Read more

Saberforge Shoto Saber Line: What You Should Know

The Saberforge Shoto Saber line is comprised of 7 designs of “short sword” style shoto lightsabers. Each hilt design in the Shoto line is a shortened version of an Apprentice Saber counterpart with the same name. Each Shoto Saber includes the word “Shoto” at the end of its name in order to distinguish Shoto Sabers … Read more

Lightsaber Wall Mounts: What You Should Know

A lightsaber wall mount, sometimes referred to as lightsaber wall rack, is a device that attaches to the wall in order to hold and display a lightsaber. A lightsaber wall mount typically attaches to the wall with screws. Similar to lightsaber stands, Star Wars fans commonly utilize lightsaber wall mounts to display: Star Wars Galaxy’s … Read more

Savi’s Workshop Lightsaber Reservations: What You Should Know | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Making an advance reservation for Savi’s Workshop is strongly recommended due to the popularity of the experience. Savi’s Workshop is the build your own lightsaber experience at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland (Anaheim, California) and Disney World’s Hollywood Studios (Orlando, Florida). Since Savi’s Workshop accommodates only 14 lightsaber builders at a time during each … Read more

Saberforge ECO Sabers: What You Should Know

Saberforge ECO Sabers

Saberforge ECO Sabers, formerly known as Saberforge Youngling Sabers, are a product line of budget-friendly custom lightsabers with sound from Saberforge. ECO Sabers are cheaper, smaller and shorter, and lower in quality than standard Saberforge lightsabers (non-ECO Sabers). Saberforge currently offers 12 different ECO Saber hilt designs. Most ECO Saber hilts, which vary in design, … Read more

Disney’s Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple Experience | What You Should Know

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, previously called Jedi Training Academy, is a Star Wars themed interactive show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Disney World) and Hong Kong Disneyland. The 20 minute experience, which is free with park admission, is open to participants between 4 and 12 years old. A group of 16 or more children … Read more

Saberforge Shipping Speed: What You Should Know

Saberforge lightsabers

Since Saberforge is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world, lightsaber enthusiasts often ask, “How long does it take for a Saberforge order to ship?” Visit Saberforge Etsy Store [affiliate link] | Saberforge posts their lead times in two common places:1) On the Saberforge website Help > Orders & Shipping > Lead … Read more