Saberforge ECO Sabers: What You Should Know

Saberforge ECO Sabers

Saberforge ECO Sabers, formerly known as Saberforge Youngling Sabers, are a product line of budget-friendly custom lightsabers with sound from Saberforge. ECO Sabers are cheaper, smaller and shorter, and lower in quality than standard Saberforge lightsabers (non-ECO Sabers). Saberforge currently offers 12 different ECO Saber hilt designs. Most ECO Saber hilts, which vary in design, … Read more

Lightsaber Hilt Seller aynranfan Returns to eBay (Jeffrey Parks)

aynranfan Graflex lightsaber hilt

Following a two month hiatus, eBay seller aynranfan (Jeffrey Parks) [affiliate link] has returned to eBay, selling additional budget-friendly, character inspired lightsaber hilts. The aynranfan eBay account is operated by Jeffery Parks, the founder of the custom saber company Park Sabers. The hilts, all of which are empty, range in price from $119 for a standard … Read more

Hardware Store Lightsaber Hilt Review Rustic Avenger

Rustic Defender lightsaber

I purchased this hardware store lightsaber second hand. I’m not sure who made it or if it has a name so I’m naming it ‘Rustic Avenger’. Hardware store lightsaber hilts are display pieces or cosplay pieces that are cobbled together from ‘found parts’ from a hardware store or home improvement store. Many hardware store lightsaber … Read more

4 Hidden Benefits of Stunt Sabers (Lightsabers without Sound)

stunt sabers from various companies

Stunt sabers are custom lightsabers that light up, but don’t make sound. Even though stunt sabers lack all of the cool hums, crackles and clashes that we know and love, here are 4 hidden benefits of stunt sabers. Watch 4 Hidden Benefits of Stunt Sabers (Lightsabers without Sound) on YouTube 1. Stunt Sabers are More … Read more

What is a PVC lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

ACLightsabers PVC lightsaber

A PVC lightsaber is a style of lightsaber hilt constructed primarily from PVC pipe and PVC fittings found in a hardware store’s plumbing section. Some builders use UPVC instead of PVC. UPVC is stronger and more durable than PVC. The low materials cost and ease of access to a variety of PVC pipe and PVC fittings make … Read more

ACLightsabers: Budget Stunt Sabers, Sound Sabers and Accessories | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

ACLightsabers custom sabers (various models)

ACLightsabers, a Malaysia based Etsy store, specializes in creating and selling budget friendly lightsabers. The company, which started in 2015, makes stunt sabers (no sound), sound sabers, and neopixel lightsabers. ACLightsabers also sells some lightsaber accessories like flat acrylic blades, blade plugs (both static and neopixel), and a saber bag. ACLightsabers (Etsy) affiliate link … Read more

Paper Lightsabers from Scratch: An Interview with Creator Alejandro Sanchez

Paper lightsabers

Star Wars fan Alejandro Sanchez always wanted his own lightsaber collection, but the metal replicas were too expensive. Undeterred, Sanchez, who lives in Argentina, decided to design, build and paint his own lightsabers out of paper. In just a few short years, Sanchez has created and amassed a highly detailed and realistic collection of paper lightsabers … Read more

NEW SABER ALERT: Saberforge Releases 3 New Youngling Sabers

Saberforge Youngling sabers

Saberforge released three new Youngling Sabers in late August 2018. The lightsabers are named: Youngling Saber 2, Youngling Saber 3 and Youngling Saber 4. In addition, Saberforge has also renamed their first Youngling Saber ‘Youngling Saber 1’. Watch NEW SABER ALERT: Saberforge Releases 3 New Youngling Sabers on YouTube The new Youngling Sabers use fancier … Read more

The EXTREMELY POPULAR Budget Sound Saber: Who Sells It and What You Should Know

Budget sound saber

One of the cheapest and most popular budget sound sabers on the market is Yddsaber (QD Soundboard) by China-based custom lightsaber manufacturer YDD Saber. The affordable custom sound saber is called many different names by different vendors including [contains AFFILIATE LINKS]: The Tiny Giant Kyojin (from WonderForce Etsy Store and The Pach Store), Youngling Saber (from … Read more

What’s the CHEAPEST lightsaber you should buy?

inexpensive lightsabers

If you’re on a tight budget, what’s the cheapest lightsaber you should buy? The answer depends on several different factors. Watch What’s the CHEAPEST lightsaber you should buy? on YouTube DIRT CHEAP SPACE SWORD AND LIGHTSABER TOYS ($3 to around $40) First let’s look at super cheap to dirt cheap. Some of the cheapest light-up … Read more