Saberforge Shoto Saber Line: What You Should Know

The Saberforge Shoto Saber line is comprised of 7 designs of “short sword” style shoto lightsabers. Each hilt design in the Shoto line is a shortened version of an Apprentice Saber counterpart with the same name. Each Shoto Saber includes the word “Shoto” at the end of its name in order to distinguish Shoto Sabers … Read more

What is an off-hand lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

Ultrasabers V2 lightsabers are short in length

An off-hand lightsaber is a shoto lightsaber wielded as an off-hand weapon during twin-bladed techniques or duels. In twin-bladed fighting styles, the wielder uses the off-hand lightsaber in conjunction with a full-size lightsaber in the main hand. The off-hand lightsaber, which features a smaller and more maneuverable hilt and blade than a full-size lightsaber, is most … Read more