Lightsaber Blueprints and Schematics: What You Should Know

Lightsaber blueprints, schematics and technical drawings provide graphic representations of physical elements of a lightsaber hilt.

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What is the purpose of the graphic representations of a lightsaber? In some cases, lightsaber blueprints and other graphic representations of lightsaber may provide guidance for a real life DIY lightsaber building project and may describe: measurements/specs, materials, and other build information. In other cases, lightsaber blueprints may simply serve as a fun display piece, either as a standalone collectible or as a companion to a lightsaber display or collection.

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Master Replicas Lightsaber Blueprints

Master Replicas released a series of officially licensed, collectible lightsaber blueprints in the early 2000s. The limited edition lithographs are based on in-depth examinations of the genuine lightsaber props used during the filming of the Star Wars movies and from other reference material from the Lucasfilm Archives. Although the Master Replicas lightsaber blueprints are out of production, you can commonly find the blueprints on eBay and in other secondary marketplaces.

Fan Made Collectible Lightsaber Blueprints

Some Star Wars fans produce custom lightsaber blueprints, particularly on the creative and crafty Etsy platform. The blueprints may focus on one specific lightsaber hilt or may illustrate a collection of lightsabers. Additionally, the site WannaWanga has posted a selection of lightsaber blueprints in image form (JPG format).

Lightsaber Cross-Sections

Several books from the Star Wars Visual Dictionary series, published by DK, feature some attractive cross-sections of various lightsabers wielded by popular characters. Each cross-section ‘slices open’ a lightsaber hilt and labels the outside and inside components with in-universe terminology (i.e. focusing crystal, magnetic stabilizing ring, etc.). If you haven’t yet seen any books from Star Wars Visual Dictionary, they’re a fun, picture-packed look at Star Wars visual effects, costumes, and props.

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