The Problem with Delayed Lightsaber Shipments

In an age of two-day and even same-day delivery, many custom lightsaber enthusiasts are accustomed to long wait times and order delays. Custom saber buyers may wait weeks, months, and sometimes over a year for a lightsaber order to ship. Although some custom saber companies sell in-hand, ready to ship items that get mailed within … Read more

Saberforge Shipping Speed: What You Should Know

Saberforge lightsabers

Since Saberforge is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world, lightsaber enthusiasts often ask, “How long does it take for a Saberforge order to ship?” Visit Saberforge Etsy Store [affiliate link] | Saberforge posts their lead times in two common places:1) On the Saberforge website Help > Orders & Shipping > Lead … Read more

Saberforge Announces IMPROVED Real-Time Order Status Updates

Saberforge lightsabers

Custom saber manufacturer Saberforge announced that they will be digitizing their inventory and providing customers with multiple, real-time order updates. Saberforge is digitizing their inventory by adding barcodes to their parts. In the past, Saberforge has used the old-fashioned, paper and pen method of maintaining inventory. The new barcodes will allow Saberforge to scan pieces and … Read more