Saberforge Announces IMPROVED Real-Time Order Status Updates

Custom saber manufacturer Saberforge announced that they will be digitizing their

Saberforge founder Phillip Isherwood officially announced the company’s improvement inventory management in the Facebook group Custom Lightsaber Owners

inventory and providing customers with multiple, real-time order updates.

Saberforge is digitizing their inventory by adding barcodes to their parts. In the past, Saberforge has used the old-fashioned, paper and pen method of maintaining inventory.

The new barcodes will allow Saberforge to scan pieces and orders multiple times between when the customer places the order and Saberforge ships the order. Saberforge says they will now update customers through several order phases including: parts being machined, electronics installation, packing, shipping, etc.

Saberforge had previously developed a reputation among lightsaber enthusiasts for orders delays of several weeks to several months beyond Saberforge’s original shipping estimate. In my own experience, although some of my Saberforge orders has shipped within the estimated shipping window, many of my orders have been delayed. Saberforge did not notify me of these delays. The only way I was able to get an update on my order status was by contacting Saberforge directly.

It’s unclear how much digitizing the inventory will help improve the accuracy of SaberForge’s estimated shipping windows, nevertheless, the streamlined inventory process and real-time order updates certainly are welcomed improvements to Saberforge’s customer service.

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