Outer Rim Sabers XL Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand full review

This is an Outer Rim Sabers XL Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand [AFFILIATE LINK]. As a disclaimer, Outer Rim Sabers sent me this stand for free in order to review. The lightsaber stand is called ‘XL’ because it’s designed for larger lightsaber hilts (e.g. crossguard, Graflex lightsabers or larger Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts).

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The stand is pretty generous in size. It’s 9 inches deep at the base, 3.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall. The plastic is relatively thick in many places to provide some support and stability. The stand features a pretty solid base. How this vertical stand works is you put the pommel of your lightsaber into the circle and lean the hilt up against the side of the stand. The front of the stand features a logo and the rear of the stand features three holes on either side.

Since the stand is 3D printed, you can see the lines of the filament. Some people like to sand down 3D printed items to minimize the lines. You can also just leave the stand as it is, if you’d like. You are able to paint the stand and customize the stand as well.

The stand shown here is the black version. Outer Rim Sabers also offers a dry brush silver and dry brush gold version, which give the stand a tarnished or weathered metallic appearance.

I tried out the XL Vertical 3D Printed Saber Stand with several different lightsabers. The stand worked with both Ultrasabers The Guardian and Ultrasabers Dark Mantis, a curved hilt. I was even able to display the Star Wars The Black Series Kylo Ren Force FX lightsaber to work with the stand, even though the lightsaber uses permanently attached blades. The balance point on the lightsaber allowed the XL Saber Stand to support it without tipping over.

Consider that the stand is intended to be used primarily with lightsaber hilts only (no blade), but it’s possible some lightsaber with blades may work with the stand as well. Not all of the lightsabers with blades I tried were able to balance on the stand, however, so it really depends on the balance point.

It’s a nice stand for larger hilts, although you can use the stand for standard sized hilts, too. One thing you’ll run into with the smaller, standard sized hilts is the pommel can fall through the bottom, which shouldn’t matter when the stand is on the table or shelf.

Outer Rim Sabers also sells a smaller, more standard-sized vertical stand for more standard-sized lightsabers. Outer Rim Sabers also sells several other non-vertical stands as well.

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