Are neopixel lightsabers duel worthy?

Many neopixel lightsabers and blades are designed to be very durable and resilient, but some neopixel blades are more durable than others. Check with the company or vendor and see if they consider their neopixel blade to be duel worthy. Sabertrio, for example, states that their neopixel lightsaber blades are “recommended for up to MEDIUM strength dueling only and should NEVER be used against a heavy grade blade”.

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Even if the company does advertise the neopixel blade as ‘duel worthy’, consider that neopixel blades are expensive–typically around $100 to $150 each blade. Neopixel lightsaber blades are much more expensive than a standard $30 to $50 blade for an in-hilt LED lightsaber. Neopixel blades features technological components like: a connector, a resistor, neopixel strips. Standard blades for in-hilt LED lightsabers contain no hardware inside the blade at all.

Even though neopixel blades are often built tough, all types of lightsaber blades can break, especially during heavy combat dueling (think The Saber Legion [TSL] caliber competitive dueling). Since neopixel blades are more expensive to replace, they may be riskier to use for dueling.

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Do you duel with neopixel lightsaber blades?

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