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The Saberkraft Flame lightsaber, a custom saber, is an original hilt design with a slanted emitter and and layered appearance. Saberkraft released the Flame lightsaber as an empty for display or DIY. A limited run, Saberkraft began accepting pre-orders for Flame in January 2019.

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Saberkraft Flame lightsaber
Saberkraft Flame lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Saberkraft

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The Flame lightsaber hilt is machined from 5083 and 6082 aluminum with copper, brass, PVC and acrylic elements. Features sandblasted details and the natural colors of the respective materials (i.e. no paint).

Hilt measures 290 mm long and features and outside diameter (OD) ranging from 36 mm to 40mm and an inside diameter (ID) of 33 mm. The pommel OD is 38.8 mm and ID of 33 mm. Flame uses a 1 inch diameter blade socket.

Saberkraft Flame lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Saberkraft

Flame utilizes the CORE Saberthorax Chassis System, a fully removable chassis developed by Saberkraft). Chassis features battery holder (for 18650 li-ion battery), soundcard hole (sized 23.5 x 80 x 8 mm), and speaker holder (accepts 28mm speaker). Chassis system includes non-prewired: MicroUSB port (type B), R.I.C.E port, and 3-pole 2.1mm charge port (for kill key).

Kit includes a genuine quartz crystal with brass crystal holder and M4 set screw. Crystal may be illuminated with accent LED. Two hidden momentary switches are situated beneath the copper plate on the front of the hilt (main switch and auxiliary switch). The copper sliding switch #1 (kill switch) is situated on the rear of the hilt, while copper switch #2 (mute switch) is situated on the side of the hilt.

Hilt may be configures as in-hilt LED saber (base lit) or neopixel saber. Kit includes a heatsink compatible with Tri-Cree, Rebel Star and its optic.

Saberkraft is a custom saber company based in Turkey. The company releases limited runs of custom sabers, including the Saberkraft Big Boy lightsaber and Saberkraft The Flame lightsaber. Saberkraft also makes SaberMount, a product line of custom lightsaber belt clips.

Saberkraft (Etsy) affiliate link

Image depicts the Saberkraft Flame lightsaber

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