What is an accent LED? | Lightsaber Terminology

The illuminated arrows on Saberforge Prodigal Son are an example of accent LEDs | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge

An accent LED is a supplemental, decorative LED that animates and enhances the appearance of a lightsaber hilt. Common examples of accent LEDs include:
an illuminated AV switch
crystal chamber
small lights on an activation box or touch switch
small lights inside a reveal lightsaber

Accent LEDs are a popular, optional garnish to a lightsaber hilt. The lights liven up and animate the lightsaber hilt, complementing the main LEDs that illuminate the lightsaber blade. Accent LEDs range in color and may or may not blink.

The Luke Skywalker Return if the Jedi lightsaber uses accent LEDs on the side of its activation box.

Image depicts Saberforge Prodigal Son lightsaber

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