What is a crystal chamber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A crystal chamber is a section either within a lightsaber itself or attached to the lightsaber where a crystal is displayed. A crystal chamber can be incorporated into a blade plug design. Ebay seller jarret921 makes crystal chamber blade plugs [DISCLAIMER: This is an affiliate link]. Installing a crystal chamber blade plug is one of the easiest ways to add a crystal chamber to a lightsaber hilt since no wiring or rearranging is required–you just attach the blade plug to the saber hilt.

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Other saber hilts will feature a crystal chamber reveal. Sabers with a crystal chamber reveal open up to show the crystal. Saberforge, Korbanth, and other saber manufactures produce crystal chamber reveal hilts. Consider that a saber hilt containing is crystal chamber reveal is more fragile than the equivalent hilt without a crystal chamber, so a crystal chamber reveal saber may not be appropriate for dueling.

Some saber enthusiasts and sabersmiths turn couplers or extensions into crystal chambers. Ultrasabers and The Custom Saber Shop manufacture some styles of couplers and extension pieces commonly converted into crystal chambers. If you’d like the crystal chamber in the coupler or extension piece to light up, you’ll have to change the wiring.

In summary, three common types of crystal chambers include: crystal chamber blade plugs, crystal chamber reveal saber hilts, and couplers/extensions converted into crystal chambers.

Finally, aside from looking cool, why are crystal chambers popular? In Star Wars lore, lightsabers are powered by a kyber crystal contained within the hilt. Crystal chambers arguably make a lightsaber feel more ‘authentic’ and enhance the over lightsaber experience.

What do you think about lightsaber crystal chambers? Do you have any lightsabers with crystal chambers?

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