That lightsaber pop song you’ve never heard about

If you’ve never heard about the successful pop song “Lightsaber” by the group EXO, it’s possibly because “Lightsaber” is a K-pop (Korean pop) song. Originally released in 2015, “Lightsaber” peaked at number 9 on the South Korean singles chart (Gaon) and the YouTube music video has snagged 16.5 million views as of March 2018. EXO has also preformed “Lightsaber” live during concerts.

Watch That lightsaber pop song you’ve never heard about on YouTube

“Lightsaber” was originally released as a single in late 2015 as an official promotional song for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The song itself doesn’t related to the movie, but rather uses ‘lightsaber’ in more of a symbolic or metaphoric way. The EXO music video depicts several band members carrying lightsaber hilts and features a sign by a bar that reads “Jedi Only”. Although the music video hints at Star Wars, the video is set in various locations around South Korea rather than on a Star Wars planet

On the one hand, it’s strange to hear a pop song about lightsabers, but on the other hand a lightsaber is such an iconic piece that it’s almost surprising that more pop songs don’t reference lightsabers.

What do you think about EXO’s Star Wars promotional song, “Lightsaber”? Would you like to hear more lightsaber pop songs?

Watch EXO ‘LIGHTSABER’ (EXO | STAR WARS Collaboration Project) on YouTube


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