Star Wars ‘Fire and Ice’ Lightsaber That Never Made the Movies

Fire and Ice lightsaber

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) could have featured a mysterious ‘fire and ice’ lightsaber. The unusual concept lightsaber, which is double-bladed, features one red blade and one blue blade. Most double-bladed lightsabers feature two blades that are the same color. The concept lightsaber is depicted in artwork by Erik Tiemens in the book The … Read more

That lightsaber pop song you’ve never heard about

EXO lightsaber screenshot

If you’ve never heard about the successful pop song “Lightsaber” by the group EXO, it’s possibly because “Lightsaber” is a K-pop (Korean pop) song. Originally released in 2015, “Lightsaber” peaked at number 9 on the South Korean singles chart (Gaon) and the YouTube music video has snagged 16.5 million views as of March 2018. EXO … Read more

What are Star Wars The Black Series (TBS) Products? | Lightsabers and Beyond

Rey Jedi Training Force FX lightsaber

Hasbro launched the Star Wars: The Black Series product line in 2013, in anticipation of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015. The product line includes a variety of things like: action figures, vehicles, helmets, lightsabers, of course, and collectibles. If you’ve ever wondered if the Hasbro The Black Series lightsabers were related … Read more