Lava Lightsaber Crystal | Kyber Crystal Profile

Lava Lightsaber Crystal

A lava lightsaber crystal originates from a lava planet or moon like Mustafar. Mustafar is a small, erratic lava planet in the Outer Rim Territories. Fire rats, a create native to Mustafar, are known to nibble on lava crystals. When harvested as a kyber crystal and installed in a lightsaber, the weapon ignites a heavy … Read more

Sith Holocron with Light and Sound | from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

The Sith Holocron with Light and Sound is a collectible, pyramid-shaped device that’s exclusively available at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Disney World. According to Star Wars lore, a holocron is a palm-sized ancient information receptacle utilized by both Jedi Knights and Sith Lords. As a security measure, … Read more

Kyber Crystal Display: 7 Attractive Stands, Storage Units and More

Kyber Crystal Display

Looking for a cool kyber crystal display method? Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystals, the heart of a lightsaber, interact with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge items like Savi’s Workshop lightsabers and Jedi and Sith holocrons. The crystals also make fine display pieces when you’re not using them. SaberSourcing curated a list of 7 attractive stands, … Read more

Impressive Custom Kyber Crystal Necklace Sellers | Heart of the Lightsaber

custom kyber crystal necklace sellers

A custom kyber crystal necklace makes a thoughtful gift for lightsaber enthusiasts and Star Wars fans. In Star Wars, a mysterious kyber crystal is the heart of a lightsaber. Made popular by Jyn Erso in Rogue One, a kyber crystal necklace achieves the best of both worlds, serving both as an in-universe style cosplay piece … Read more

Lambent Lightsaber Crystal | Kyber Crystal Profile

Lambent lightsaber kyber crystal profile

Lambent is a fruit of some Yuuzhan Vong plant types in Star Wars Legends. Anakin Solo harvested lambent and utilized the item as his lightsaber crystal. The lambent empowers Solo to vaguely sense Yuuzhan Vong in close proximity to him. The Kol Skywalker lightsaber, which comes into the possession of Cade Skywalker, utilizes a lambent … Read more

Obsidian Lightsaber | Kyber Crystal Profile

Obsidian kyber crystal

Obsidian is a versatile dark rock sometimes capable of functioning as a kyber crystal. Certain shards of dark side infused obsidian may be installed inside a lightsaber. A lightsaber using obsidian as its kyber crystal emits a red blade. Additionally, an obsidian shard is affixed to Snoke’s ring. Parts of Fortress Vader are constructed from … Read more

10 CUSTOM Kyber Crystal Sellers | Galaxy’s Edge Compatible

custom kyber crystals

Let’s explore custom Galaxy’s Edge compatible kyber crystal sellers. Have a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber or Galaxy’s Edge holocron? Custom kyber crystal artisans expand our kyber crystal horizon with dazzling new colors, textures, shapes, designs and more! Note that the following custom kyber crystals are fan made and are not created or sold by Disney. You … Read more

Krayt Dragon Pearl Lightsaber | Kyber Crystal Profile

krayt dragon pearl lightsaber

A krayt dragon pearl is a hard, glistening object originating in the belly of a krayt dragon. A krayt dragon is a large, carnivorous reptile from the desert planet Tatooine. Due to the scarcity and high value of the precious krayt dragon pearls, some individuals hunt the fierce creatures as big game. A Force user … Read more

Viridian Lightsaber Crystal | Kyber Crystal Profile

The viridian lightsaber crystal is a rare lightsaber crystal that produces silvery-green lightsaber blade. The nuanced blade color is similar to a standard green lightsaber, but a bit more pale or washed-out in appearance. The viridian crystal first appears in Star Wars Legends in the 2004 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic … Read more

Tan Yuster Lightsaber | Lightsaber Profile

The Tan Yuster lightsaber is a single-bladed blue lightsaber wielded by human male Jedi Padawan Tan Yuster in Star Wars Canon. Tan Yuster is a Clone Wars era Jedi Padawan apprenticed to Jedi Master Agen Kolar.