Kyber Crystal Display: 7 Attractive Stands, Storage Units and More

Looking for a cool kyber crystal display method? Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystals, the heart of a lightsaber, interact with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge items like Savi’s Workshop lightsabers and Jedi and Sith holocrons. The crystals also make fine display pieces when you’re not using them.

SaberSourcing curated a list of 7 attractive stands, holders, storage units and even a wearable sling for your Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystals.

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1. GalaxyAntiquities Lightsaber Stand with 6 Kyber Crystal Slots


GalaxyAntiquities creates a 3D printed combo lightsaber hilt and kyber crystal display stand. The stand attractively and conveniently displays your kyber crystal collection in the base section of a lightsaber hilt stand. GalaxyAntiquities makes the stand either with no LED or with built-in LED inside the stand. The LED version illuminates the kyber crystals (USB port, 9V battery adapter, or 120V to 12V wall adapter power source). The company offers a custom personalized text option as well.

GalaxyAntiquities also makes other displays including: two different kyber crystal display stand models (without a lightsaber hilt stand), a holocron display stand, a simple kyber crystal canister wall mount rack.

GalaxyAntiquities Lightsaber Stand with 6 Kyber Crystal Slots
GalaxyAntiquities Lightsaber Stand with 6 Kyber Crystal Slots (left) and Kyber Crystal Wall Mount (right) | IMAGE CREDIT GalaxyAntiquities

2. CustomKyberDisplays Original Kyber Crystal Display/Storage Unit


CustomKyberDisplays, formerly known as Yogibear06, creates made-to-order kyber crystal display/storage units. Featuring an in-universe storage unit design, the display is customizable in various color schemes, with symbols, and custom aurebesh (writing) options. The storage unit may even be customized to color coordinate with a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber. The company offers a battle damaged weathering option as well. Storage unit requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

CustomKyberDisplays Original Kyber Crystal Display
CustomKyberDisplays Kyber Crystal Storage Unit (various color schemes) | IMAGE CREDIT CustomKyberDisplays

3. AcquiredArtifacts Savi’s Workshop Style Kyber Crystal Holders and Lightsaber Stand


The AcquiredArtifacts’ makes two combo lightsaber hilt/kyber crystal display stands. One stand includes one kyber crystal holder and the other includes 7 kyber crystal holders.

The holders come in all 7 Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystal colors (green, blue, purple, yellow, white, red or black) along with 3 metallic colors (gold, silver and bronze). The neutral metallic colors could coordinate with any of the Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystal colors. Don’t need a lightsaber stand? AcquiredArtifacts offers the kyber crystal holder as a stand-alone item as well.

AquiredArtifacts kyber crystal holds and lightsaber stand

4. TOTALCLOSETNERD Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Inspired Triple Leather Kyber Crystal Sling


What better way to display your kyber crystal collection than by wearing it! TOTALCLOSETNERD creates different models of a genuine leather kyber crystal sling enabling you to wear your kyber crystal canisters! Pretty neat way to complement your Jedi, Sith or bounty hunter cosplay.

TOTALCLOSETNERD creates several different models kyber crystal slings for a quantity of: one, three, or even five kyber crystal canisters. The company also makes a leather lightsaber sling (i.e. holster) so your Savi’s Workshop lightsaber or legacy lightsaber can get in on the the action too.

TOTALCLOSETNERD leather kyber crystal sling

5. OddballPropsandGoods Kyber Crystal Case (Replacement)


Whether the “dog chewed up [your original] kyber crystal case” (excerpt of an actual review) or you need a replacement case for any other reason, OddballPropsandGoods makes a custom plastic replacement case for holding your Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystal. Each case includes a mini claw stand designed for holding and displaying a kyber crystal.

The company also offers inexpensive custom kyber crystals. Note that the crystals are for display only and are not equipped with an RFID chip like the ones from Galaxy’s Edge.

OddballPropsandGoods Kyber Crystal Case

6. QuantumCollectibles 3D Printed Kyber Crystal Collection Display Stand


QuantumCollectibles makes an elegant 3D printed kyber crystal display stand. The company makes three stand models: for one crystal, for 6 crystals, or for a complete collection of 7 kyber crystals. The stands come in a neutral Gray or Marble color.

For added effect, each stand features Aurebesh markings on the front. The one crystal stand markings mean “Kyber” and the multi crystal stand markings mean “A Kyber Crystal is the heart of a lightsaber”.

Quantum Collectibles kyber crystal display stands

7. VanderBainCustoms SaberWing: Lightsaber, Holocron and Kyber Crystal Display / Stand


VanderBainCustoms makes SaberWing, the most comprehensive display solution on the list. The impressive wing-shaped wall display may hold an entire Force user’s collection of Galaxy’s Edge items! The stand may hold and display the following items: 6 kyber crystals (black kyber crystal holder add-on available), one lightsaber (displayed with or without blade), one horizontal blade holder, and two holocron platforms.

The custom display is made from: medium-density fibreboard (MDF), steel, and polycast (filament). The modular design means you can customize the display to fill in slots as your collection grows. SaberWing is available in two versions: Standard (no illumination) or With LED Enhancement. The LED version features four dynamic illumination settings and USB charging ports for holocrons.

VanderBainCustoms SaberWing: Lightsaber, Holocron and Kyber Crystal Display / Stand

BONUS GraffitiMaster Acrylic Display Riser


The GraffitiMaster Acrylic Display Riser is appropriately sized for displaying small collectibles like a collection of up to 7 kyber crystals. Buyer may select from two stand styles: one with clear platforms or one with black platforms.

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