Kyber Crystal Display: 7 Attractive Stands, Storage Units and More

Kyber Crystal Display

Looking for a cool kyber crystal display method? Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystals, the heart of a lightsaber, interact with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge items like Savi’s Workshop lightsabers and Jedi and Sith holocrons. The crystals also make fine display pieces when you’re not using them. SaberSourcing curated a list of 7 attractive stands, … Read more

Lightsaber Collection Spotlight: Lauj from Minnesota

lightsaber collection Lauj

LAUJ’S LIGHTSABER COLLECTION (from left to right): Kyberlight, Vader’s Vault Havoc (#1), Vader’s Vault Havoc (#2), Texas Custom Sabers Skinny Starkiller, Phoenix Props / 7 Chambers Starkiller, Cloud City Sabers Starkiller, Roman Props Flashgun 4 (top of photo) FIRST LIGHTSABER Kyberlight (Kickstarter) acquired summer 2016 Saw a Facebook ad about the Kyberlight Kickstarter and I … Read more

Star Wars fan’s 13-month-old son MESMERIZED by morning ritual of turning on lightsabers [INTERVIEW]

baby with lightsabers

Star Wars fan Ricky Borba posted a heart-warming photo on Reddit of his lightsaber-encircled 13-month-old son with the caption, “I work from home. Every morning my 13 month old son pulls all my lightsabers off the wall and sits mesmerized as I turn them on for him. Every. Morning. Man I love Star Wars”. Within … Read more

Lightsaber Collection Tour 2: Saberforge, Ultrasabers, Kyberlight, Force FX, EFX, One Replicas

Lightsaber Collection

Time for another lightsaber collection tour video! Let’s start on the far left. Watch Lightsaber Collection Tour 2: Saberforge, Ultrasabers, Kyberlight, Force FX, EFX, One Replicas on YouTube On the far left we have a Saberforge Disciple, solid black finish in the stunt saber configuration with a medium blue leather wrap and a medium blue blade. … Read more

Graflex Lightsaber Collection: Hasbro Force FX, Roman Props, Master Replicas, EFX Collectibles

Graflex Lightsaber Collection

This is my current Graflex Lightsaber Collection. All of the sabers in the collection are inspired by the design of the Skywalker lightsaber. On the far left is a Star Wars: The Black Series Rey (Jedi Training) Force FX lightsaber by Hasbro. Next to that is a Roman Props Flashgun 7. Next to that is … Read more

Ultrasabers lightsaber collection | Mystery Box, Grab Bag Sabers

Ultrasabers lightsaber collection

This is my current Ultrasabers lightsaber collection. You see a variety of lightsaber blade colors and a few different hilt styles. I received most of these lightsabers as Grab Bag Sabers or Mystery Box Sabers so I didn’t have control over the blade color or hilt style. I got some of the Initiate V2 sabers … Read more