Lightsaber Collection Tour 2: Saberforge, Ultrasabers, Kyberlight, Force FX, EFX, One Replicas

Time for another lightsaber collection tour video! Let’s start on the far left.

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On the far left we have a Saberforge Disciple, solid black finish in the stunt saber configuration with a medium blue leather wrap and a medium blue blade.

Next to that is a Kyberlight saber with a Magistrate copper colored sleeve and a Bow Shock pommel.

Next is another Saberforge hilt, a Qui-Gon Jinn style hilt called Guardian, stunt saber configuration with a green blade.

Here’s another Qui-Gon Jinn style hilt called One Replicas SSqy empty hilt, anodized gold. Unfortunately it looks like One Replicas doesn’t make the anodized gold version of this hilt anymore more, but a two-toned version is available and some other solid color anodized versions may be available as well.

Next up is a Saberforge Avenger, an Obi-Wan Kenobi style lightsaber, in the stunt saber configuration with a blue blade.

After that is the Ultrasabers Obi-Wan Kenobi style lightsaber hilt called The Guardian. You’ll notice that the Ultrasabers hilt is much larger in size than the similar Saberforge design.

Next is the popular Saberforge Prodigal Son empty hilt. It’s a Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi style hilt.

Changing gears to a more basic design, here’s an Ultrasabers Dominix V2, stunt saber configuration with a Fire Orange blade.

After that is the smallest lightsaber of the bunch an EFX Collectibles Rey’s lightsaber. It’s an officially licenses scaled collectible that was available exclusively as part of Loot Crate DX in December 2017. It’s very similar to the scaled down Master Replicas lightsabers.

Finally, on the far right is a Kylo Ren lightsaber from Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsaber line. I also put some custom Flame Day Blade Covers on the blades from eBay seller fire1st. The Kylo Ren lightsaber truly is a behemoth of a lightsaber that is both large in size and heavy as well.

* * *

What do you think about the collection? Which lightsabers do you have in your collection?

Lightsaber Collection List (from Left to Right):
Saberforge Disciple with Solid Black Finish and Medium Blue Leather Grip
Saberforge Guardian
Kyberlight Saber with Magistrate Sleeve and Bow Shock Pommel
One Replicas SSqy Super Stunt Anodized Gold
Saberforge Avenger
Ultrasabers The Guardian
Saberforge Prodigal Son
Ultrasabers Dominix V2
EFX Collectibles Rey’s Lightsaber

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