Kyberlight Bow Shock pommel

Kyberlight Bow Shock pommel full review

The Kyberlight Bow Shock pommel is named after a term from astrophysics. The Bow Shock pommel is a two-toned pommel that’s primarily a metallic orange color (or copper color), but there are some black elements to the pommel as well. The pommel features some wings, eight in total, and the wings extend out beyond the main body of the pommel.

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Bow Shock pommel is 2.75 inches long (the main body portion of the pommel is closer to 2.5 inches long). It’s a pretty long pommel. It’s also a pretty heavy pommel, weighing in at 7 ounces. Many other Kyberlight pommels are pretty heavy as well.

Bow Shock will work with your Kyberlight Saber, of course, and the pommel with also work with some (but not all!) Saberforge hilt models.

When attached to a Kyberlight Saber, the design of the pommel seems a bit reminiscent of a rocket or possibly like a flame. If you turn your lightsaber hilt upside down, it looks a bit like a torch from the Olympic Games.

The main downside to the Bow Show is the edges. The edges on the Bow Shock pommel are a bit sharp, so be careful! You may want to wear some type of protective gear like gloves. Nevertheless, the pommel does look very cool!

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