What is a unicorn lightsaber? (Lightsaber Terminology)

Unicorn lightsabers are dream lightsabers that are: hard to find, hard to make, prohibitively expensive, or some combination of the three. People have various opinions about what they consider to be a unicorn lightsaber. A unicorn to me would likely be different from something that you would consider to be a unicorn.

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Hard to Find Lightsabers
Some people consider hard to find lightsaber to be unicorns. For example, some Master Replicas lightsabers are hard to find because they’re out of production. Also, some Master Replicas variants are very scarce–only a few of them were made.

Hard to Make Lightsabers
Some people would prefer to make their dream lightsaber, which is admirable, but it can be a lot of work and a bit of a struggle. Maybe you want to load your dream lightsaber with lots of features or certain rare materials. Some lightsaber enthusiasts dream of constructing Original Trilogy lightsabers out of authentic, vintage parts. Maybe your dream lightsaber gets stuck in the design stage for a few months or years. Either way, the journey to designing and building a unicorn lightsaber will likely involve challenges, set backs and some tough decisions.

Prohibitively Expensive Lightsabers
Some unicorn lightsabers are prohibitively expensive and nearly unobtainable. Expensive lightsabers may use expensive/rare materials like gold or vintage camera parts. Expensive lightsabers could boast a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail from a renowned sabersmith. Pricey sabers could also just be a rare Master Replicas prop.

* * *

Describe your unicorn lightsaber. Will you buy or make your unicorn lightsaber or just dream about it?


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