How long does it take for Vader’s Vault lightsabers to ship?

How long does it take for Vader’s Vault lightsabers to ship? This is a very common question, not just with Vader’s Vault, but with many lightsaber companies. Vader’s Vault lightsabers typically take several months to ship, but the lead time can vary.

Currently Vader’s Vault is advertising an estimated lead time of 16 to 20 weeks for Combat Class lightsabers, which is 4 to 5 months. The lead time does vary–the most up-to-date shipping estimate is listed on the Combat Class Sabers page in bold red text, so whenever you’re watching this video you may want to check out that page because the lead time may be shorter or longer than the current estimate of 16 of 20 weeks.

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The minimum amount of time it takes for a Vader’s Vault lightsaber to ship, however, is typically at least a few months. A few months is a long time to wait–and it is a little slower than some of the custom saber companies, nevertheless Vader’s Vault maintains a loyal following and is known for producing high quality lightsabers. Many buyers feel the lightsabers are worth the wait.

If you don’t want to wait months to get a lightsaber, you do have a few options. One option is to check out the Ready To Ship (RTS) section on the Vader’s Vault website. Unfortunately, the Ready To Ship section is usually only replenished on special occasions and sells out very quickly. If you can snag a Ready To Ship lightsaber, though, Vader’s Vault advertises a zippy shipping estimate of only 7 days! Not bad. The downside of Ready To Ship sabers is the limited selection. Also, Ready To Ship sabers are already constructed, so you’re not able to customize the features to your own liking.

In celebration of May 4th, Star Wars Day, Vader’s Vault releases a bunch of Ready To Ship lightsabers all at once. It’s not a sale, but more lightsabers than normal are available as Ready To Ship lightsabers on May 4th. The May 4th Ready To Ship inventory is limited and sabers do sell out fast on May 4th. So May 4th is basically a lightsaber feeding frenzy.

If you can’t find a Ready To Ship lightsaber to your liking and you don’t want to wait several months to receive a standard Vader’s Vault lightsaber, then you can try searching for Vader’s Vault lightsabers on the secondary market. Vader’s Vault lightsabers do turn up on eBay pretty frequently [AFFILIATE LINK]. You can also scour various lightsaber forums, groups, and message boards. People often sell Vader’s Vault lightsabers, along with other lightsabers, in The Vault: A Custom Lightsaber Community facebook group (run by Vader’s Vault). Keep in mind that any second hand purchases are not covered by the Vader’s Vault warranty.

Most up-to-date Vader’s Vault shipping estimate for Combat Class lightsabers (one of the last paragraphs in bold, red text):

Vader’s Vault Ready To Ship lightsabers:

The Vault: A Custom Lightsaber Community (closed facebook group; easy to join)

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