Why does Ultrasabers manufacture V2 V3 and V4 lightsaber hilts simultaneously?

Ultrasabers manufactures V2, V3 and V4 lightsaber hilt styles simultaneously for some of their hilt models. Why does Ultrasabers continue to manufacture older versions along with the newer ones? Typically when a company rolls a new version of something they will stop manufacturing older versions.

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If you compare the design of an Ultrasabers Dark Initiate V2 to a Dark Initiate V4, the hilts look radically different–the designs don’t even really look related. The Dark Initiate V2 is flat with a few curves, but the hilt is mostly very plain. Dark Initiate V4, however, is much flashier with more curves, a defined grip area, and several choke points. The design of the V4 saber is more exciting than the V2.

So why would Ultrasabers continue making the old and arguably more boring V2 hilts? One big reason is likely the diameter. All of the Ultrasabers V2 hilts are smaller in diameter than V3 hilts and V4 hilts, which makes the V2 hilts more comfortable for kids and people with smaller hands to maneuver. Additionally, the Initiate V2 hilts are the cheapest lightsabers that Ultrasabers sells.

Ultrasabers V3 hilts a little different. Certain hilt models are only available as V3, including: Standard Issue Battle Saber V3, Liberator V3 and Prophecy V3. Other hilt styles are available in V2, V3, and V4 versions, including: Initiate, Aeon, and Dominix. The V3 versions of Initiate, Aeon and Dominix models are flatter than V4 hilts and more curvy than V2 hilts. They are closer in diameter to V4 hilts rather than the smaller V2 hilts. The V3 hilts are not outdated, per se, but rather they are slightly different in design so some saber enthusiasts may prefer the design of V3 hilts to the other versions.

In terms of design, the V4 lightsaber hilts do seem more attractive and interesting than V3 or V2 hilts. Also consider V2 hilts are ONLY available as stunt sabers (no sound).

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Which Ultrasabers lightsaber versions do you prefer?

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