NEW Master Replicas Group is “looking to make Star Wars…replicas” (2018?)

Master Replicas relaunched in August 2017 with a slightly different name, Master Replicas Group, but a lot of the same people from the original Master Replicas company. Master Replicas had previously manufactured officially licensed Star Wars collectibles, including: popular full size scale model lightsaber hilts, 0.45 scale lightsaber hilts, and the original line of Force FX lightsabers (Force FX lightsabers are now manufactured by Hasbro).

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TRENDING All of the Togruta Jedi: Ahsoka Tano’s Species

Everybody’s been wondering if the new Master Replicas Group is going to make lightsabers again. Recently, Master Replicas Group quietly added a small paragraph to the homepage of their website that addresses a Star Wars licensing deal. Master Replicas Group states, “To address the “elephant in the room”… we ARE looking to make Star Wars and Star Trek replicas, but they are not in our first wave of products, so stay tuned; you might be very surprised…”

Notably, the Master Replicas Group statement DOES NOT directly refer to producing lightsabers specifically–just Star Wars replicas. It’s possible that Master Replicas Group could start out by manufacturing other, non-lightsaber, Star Wars products. It’s also possible Master Replicas Group may not make any lightsabers at all!

Seems like many details are still up in the air. Nevertheless, seeing Master Replicas Group address the “elephant in the room” (or should it be the bantha in room?) of a possible Star Wars licensing deal fuels new hope of the possibility of future lightsabers from a popular replicas company.

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