Ultrasabers shipping, tracking and delivery info

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  1. Kevin Pinkney says:

    Hi. I ordered your Counsular saber when you put it up for the deal of the day in November my expected delivery date was December 3rd. It has not arried and according to one of your reps. A delay in delivering was delayed due to the passing of the 41st. President but I ordered and you shipped before this happened but that’s the excuse I received and I understand but I don’t understand why no one is helping me. All I want is my saber!!! That I ordered and payed for!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • Saber Sourcing says:

      Hi Kevin, sorry to hear you’re having a problem. Although SaberSourcing.com has many Ultrasabers related articles, the website is not Ultrasabers and does not have control over your Ultrasabers order. You’ll have to route your questions through Ultrasabers directly https://ultrasabers.com/contact. You could also try on their Facebook page.

    • Gary Byrd says:

      I ordered saber in may,now july…where is it?

      • Saber Sourcing says:

        Hi Gary, SaberSourcing.com is a lightsaber themed blog. I am not Ultrasabers. You need to contact Ultrasabers customer service directly for any updates regarding your Ultrasabers order.


    I ordered an Ultrasaber on Nov. 5. When will it arrive?

    • Saber Sourcing says:

      Hi, have you contacted Ultrasabers? The company often ships quickly, but their handling time tends to be longer during the holiday season or around a movie release. Also, if one of your items was a pre-order, like one of the new V5 hilts, that may have delayed the shipping. I hope you get your order soon–try contacting Ultrasabers, if you haven’t already.

  3. Samantha A Wyatt says:

    I’ve contacted u by email several times and also on fb.. I ordered a saber in Feb 2020 and yet to receive a saber or my tracking number.

  4. Jojo says:

    My order status just says completed but I don’t know what that means. It hasn’t arrived at my house yet so I don’t know what stage of their shipping process it’s in.

    • Saber Sourcing says:

      Hi Jojo, a ‘Completed’ status typically means that Ultrasabers has shipped your order or will be shipping your order in a few days. Contact Ultrasabers for the most accurate information regarding your order.

  5. Rami Gaming says:

    I ordered my first lightsaber and I was excited for it, but when it just never came i truly lost hope I’m ultrasabers, I really wanted my first lightsaber but they just ignored my calls and email I just want to ask, should I get a refund or should I wait more?

    • Saber Sourcing says:

      Hi Rami, sorry to hear that you are not receiving a response. I don’t advise people on which decisions to make. Your story is not uncommon. If you’ve waited longer than the company’s stated lead time (which has been 3 to 4 weeks recently) and the company is not responding to your calls and emails, it is an option to open a charge back with your credit card or Paypal. It’s up to you if or when you would take that action.

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