Ultrasabers shipping, tracking and delivery info

How do you know if your Ultrasabers order has shipped? Ultrasabers will send you an email when your order has shipped. The Ultrasabers email subject line will say “Your order has shipped…”. Then, within the email, Ultrasabers says, To track your package visit the following link: https://www.ultrasabers.com/orderdetails.asp?OrderID=[YOUR ORDER NUMBER]

You can also just check your order status by logging into the Ultrasabers website at any time. Before the order is shipped, your order will say “PROCESSING”, so if your order still says “PROCESSING”, then it has not been shipped yet. Once the order has been shipped, the order status will change to “SHIPPED”.

Once your order is shipped, many Ultrasabers orders will arrive within 7 days or so within the United States. International orders will take longer and the package could be delayed in customs. Many Ultrasabers orders will require a signature upon delivery, at least for United States orders. If the order is shipped through FedEx you can leave an indirect signature. This means you can print and sign a signature sheet provided on the FedEx tracking page and then post the sheet on your door. Although, keep in mind, if something happens to the package, you’ve already signed for it.



  1. Hi. I ordered your Counsular saber when you put it up for the deal of the day in November my expected delivery date was December 3rd. It has not arried and according to one of your reps. A delay in delivering was delayed due to the passing of the 41st. President but I ordered and you shipped before this happened but that’s the excuse I received and I understand but I don’t understand why no one is helping me. All I want is my saber!!! That I ordered and payed for!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

    1. Hi Kevin, sorry to hear you’re having a problem. Although SaberSourcing.com has many Ultrasabers related articles, the website is not Ultrasabers and does not have control over your Ultrasabers order. You’ll have to route your questions through Ultrasabers directly https://ultrasabers.com/contact. You could also try on their Facebook page.

    1. Hi, have you contacted Ultrasabers? The company often ships quickly, but their handling time tends to be longer during the holiday season or around a movie release. Also, if one of your items was a pre-order, like one of the new V5 hilts, that may have delayed the shipping. I hope you get your order soon–try contacting Ultrasabers, if you haven’t already.

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