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The Space Sword from Walmart is very inexpensive science fiction laser sword, that lights up and makes sounds like a lightsaber. I picked up a Space Sword for around $3 from (the price may fluctuate). Walmart may carry Space Swords in-store as well.

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One of the best parts about the Walmart Space Sword is that it’s so inexpensive and fun. The Space Sword lights up, makes an idle sound, and when you strike the sword against something it makes a clashing sound and flashes a little bit as well.

The Space Sword is relatively receptive to different movement and the taps so it’s pretty fun. The sword isn’t very large, but would be a suitable size for child since the blade isn’t very long.

The Space Sword comes in three colors: red, blue or green. I received a blue one, but when I ordered online there were not any color options for me to choose. I’m not sure if I could have requested a specific color in the notes. I’m happy that I received blue, though. Blue is the color I would have selected myself.

The blade and hilt are made out of plastic. The LED lights are contained within the blade itself (i.e. the saber uses a string blade). The Space Sword does not seem to be very durable. You can crunch the plastic on the blade pretty easily. Don’t expect the Space Sword to preform like $50 lightsaber. Still, the toy is a pretty safe $3 investment, especially considering the sword both lights up and makes sounds. Space Sword also includes batteries! This cheap space sword toy could make a great gift for a kid or for someone young at heart.

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