5 Most Common Types of Lightsaber Blades

lightsabers blades

A colorful and vibrant light-up blade is one of the most distinctive and thrilling parts of custom lightsabers and Star Wars Force FX lightsabers alike. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 most common types of lightsaber blades. 1. Standard Blade (removable polycarbonate tube)One of the most common types of lightsaber blades is the … Read more

What is the lightsaber scrolling effect? | Lightsaber Terminology

saber scroll effect

The lightsaber scrolling effect is the gradual activation or deactivation of individual LEDs within a lightsaber lightsaber blade. The purpose of the scrolling effect is to mimic the extension and retraction effect of the lightsaber blade in the Star Wars films. A real life lightsaber, however, has a plastic blade attached to the hilt. The … Read more

Future of In-hilt LED Lightsabers After Neopixel Lightsabers

custom sabers from various commpanies

As neopixel lightsabers and blades continue to gain popularity among lightsaber enthusiasts, what’s the future of in-hilt LED lightsabers? Custom saber manufacturers like Vader’s Vault and Sabertrio unveiled their first neopixel lightsabers in 2018. Although Ultrasabers and Saberforge don’t yet offer neopixel lightsabers, the two companies, along with many other custom saber companies, will likely … Read more

Star Wars The Black Series Force FX lightsabers: Can you remove the blade?

Kylo Ren Force FX lightsaber with a Rey Jedi Training Force FX lightsaber in the background

Is the blade removable from a Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Force FX lightsaber? You might be wondering this if you want to: swap the blade out, change the saber around, or wear the lightsaber hilt without the blade on your belt. Unfortunately, the blades are NOT removable from Star Wars The Black Series … Read more

Can you duel with Star Wars Force FX lightsabers?

blue lightsaber blade

Can Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsabers like this one be used for dueling? Unfortunately, no, because Star Wars Black Series Force FX lightsabers use string blades. String blades are lightsaber blades where the LEDs are contained within the blade itself. During heavy dueling it would easy to disrupt or damage the LEDs … Read more

Walmart Space Sword Full Review | cheap $3 lightsaber toy

Walmart Space Sword review

The Space Sword from Walmart is very inexpensive science fiction laser sword, that lights up and makes sounds like a lightsaber. I picked up a Space Sword for around $3 from Walmart.com (the price may fluctuate). Walmart may carry Space Swords in-store as well. Watch Walmart Space Sword Review (cheap $3 lightsaber) on YouTube One of … Read more

Walmart $3 Space Sword durability | cheap lightsaber toy

Walmart Space Sword

A Walmart Space Sword is a really inexpensive, unofficial toy lightsaber. The Space Sword costs about $3 and is made out of plastic, lightsaber up, and makes some sounds. How sturdy is the Space Sword’s blade? Watch Walmart $3 Space Sword durability (cheap lightsaber toy) on YouTube Even though the blade might initially look like a … Read more