Walmart $3 Space Sword durability (cheap lightsaber toy)

A Walmart Space Sword is a really inexpensive, unofficial toy lightsaber. The Space Sword costs about $3 and is made out of plastic, lightsaber up, and makes some sounds. How sturdy is the Space Sword’s blade?

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It’s easy to visibly scrunch the Space Sword blade between your fingers.

Even though the blade might initially look like a blade from Ultrasabers or from one of the other custom saber companies, the toy Space Sword blade is actually very flimsy. In fact, it’s very easy to visibly scrunch the blade with your fingers and it would be very easy to damage the blade during rough housing.

Many reviews for the Walmart Space Sword will state that the product is fun, but that it was pretty easy for their kid or teenager to break it. Of course, the Space Sword is only $3 to begin with, so you can’t really go wrong. Just don’t expect the toy saber to have the durability of an Ultrasabers blade.

The Space Sword uses a string blade, meaning that the blade is illuminated by a string of LEDs contained within the blade itself. I would be easy to damage one or many of the LEDs during rough dueling. If you just use the Space Sword for very light contact, though, you may be able to minimize or avoid damage.

Even though the Walmart Space Sword is not very durable, it’s dirt cheap and a fun little toy, considering it both lights up and is able to make a series of sounds.

Walmart Space Sword

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