Real Lightsaber Blades: What are they made out of?

A lightsaber blade is a brilliant blade comprised of plasma, according to Star Wars Canon. The plasma blade, which is generally about 3 feet long, extends out of the emitter section when the lightsaber is activated and recedes when the lightsaber is deactivated. In Star Wars, lightsaber blades may be used to deflect blaster bolts, … Read more

5 Most Common Types of Lightsaber Blades

lightsabers blades

A colorful and vibrant light-up blade is one of the most distinctive and thrilling parts of custom lightsabers and Star Wars Force FX lightsabers alike. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 most common types of lightsaber blades. 1. Standard Blade (removable polycarbonate tube)One of the most common types of lightsaber blades is the … Read more

Did Ultrasabers stop gluing blade film inside the lightsaber blade?

lightsaber blade diffusion film

Ultrasabers seems to have stopped hot gluing the blade diffusion film inside of their lightsaber blades. My more recent Ultrasabers orders within 2018 included blades with loose (i.e. unglued) blade film inside the tube. Ultrasabers sells cylindrical, polycarbonate blades that are approximately 1 inch in diameter. The blades are theoretically compatible with lightsabers from other … Read more

All About Lightsaber Blades: An Interview with Vee Ripper of Ripper Blades

Ripper Blades, various flat acrylic lightsaber blades

It all started with a nightlight. Gary ‘Rip’ Ripper, a Star Wars fan and lifelong artist, created the first ever flat acrylic lightsaber blade after noticing a nightlight. In November 2016, Rip teamed up with best friend and now significant other Vee Ripper in order to expand the growing lightsaber blade hobby into a full … Read more

KR Sabers Brass Alu Graflex Blade Plug full review | The Custom Saber Shop

KR Sabers Graflex blade plug

This is a KR Sabers Brass/Alu KR Sabers Graflex Blade Plug 1″ or 7/8″. The Custom Saber Shop also sells the same blade plug under the name Hilt Safety Plug Style 4. The blade plug is 1.5 inches long (that’s the only length offered, although The Saber Armory by KR Sabers website states that a … Read more