Real Lightsaber Blades: What are they made out of?

A lightsaber blade is a brilliant blade comprised of plasma, according to Star Wars Canon. The plasma blade, which is generally about 3 feet long, extends out of the emitter section when the lightsaber is activated and recedes when the lightsaber is deactivated.

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In Star Wars, lightsaber blades may be used to deflect blaster bolts, absorb Force lightning, duel with other lightsabers, and cut through almost anything. A few rare materials and weapons are lightsaber resistant, however. Although lightsaber blades may come in many different colors, blue, green, and red are three of the most common selections.

Are lightsaber blades REAL?

Lightsaber blades made of plasma are NOT real and do NOT exist in real life. A real plasma lightsaber blade would be exceedingly dangerous, so it’s probably for the best a plasma blade does not exist. YouTube channel Hacksmith prototyped a custom ‘real lightsaber’ outfitted with a titanium blade with a ceramic insulated tungsten core. The custom Hacksmith lightsaber blade is powered by a protosaber-style external battery pack and heats up to a blistering 3000 degrees (!!). Don’t try this at home.

Lightsaber blade visual effects in the Star Wars movies

The Star Wars Original Trilogy movies created lightsaber visual effects using rotoscoping. The animation technique required crew members to trace over film footage frame by frame in order to produce a realistic, glowing lightsaber blade effect. Later Star Wars movies added the glowing lightsaber blade with digital effects.

Plastic lightsaber blades

The vast majority of real life lightsaber blades, ranging from children’s toys to adult collectibles and duel worthy blades, are made from plastic tubes. The plastic tubes are not intended to cut through anything, but are often intended to illuminate and to withstand at least some light contact with another plastic lightsaber blade. Children’s toys use thin, sometimes telescoping, plastic blades. Higher end lightsabers tend to use polycarbonate tube blades. Blade thickness and durability varies from company to company. Some custom saber companies also make flat acrylic blades similar to the Darksaber’s flat blade.

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