What is a telescoping lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A telescoping lightsaber is a lightsaber with blade sections that extend out of the hilt, one section sliding out from another until the full blade length is reached. The extension of a telescoping lightsaber blade out of a lightsaber hilt imitates how an actual lightsaber blade extends out of the lightsaber hilt in Star Wars movies. A telescoping lightsaber is a type of extendable lightsaber.

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Hasbro lightsaber toys and Rubies lightsaber costume accessories commonly use telescoping lightsaber blades. Lightsabers with telescoping blades are almost always inexpensive, plastic and designed for children. Currently, none of the Force FX lightsabers or custom lightsabers uses telescoping blades.

The telescoping blade is most commonly deployed manually when a wielder grips the hilt and flicks their wrist to extend the blade. The Hasbro Force Action lightsaber toy line uses a spring-loaded telescoping blade that the wielder can automatically deploy by pressing a button on the hilt.

Telescoping Lightsabers in Action Figures

Several vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures use telescoping lightsaber blades as well. The telescoping lightsaber blade extends from the action figure’s arm. Some of the rarest and most valuable vintage Star Wars action figures use a double-telescoping lightsaber (DT). More recently, Hasbro has also manufactured some “throwback” action figures with a telescoping lightsaber.

Hasbro Anakin Skywalker (Outlander Peasant Disguise)
Hasbro Anakin Skywalker (Outlander Peasant Disguise) action figure with telescoping lightsaber

COVER IMAGE Scream Saber Lightsaber Toy with Telescoping Blade

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