What is a Force Action lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A Star Wars Force Action lightsaber is an electronic, extendable lightsaber toy with a spring-activated blade. Hasbro first launched the Force Action lightsaber line in 2006.
The toy lightsabers are officially licensed. As of 2019, only two Force Action lightsabers are in production: Rey (Jedi Training) Force Action Electronic Lightsaber and Kylo Ren Force Action Electronic Lightsaber.

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Pressing the activation button auto-extends the spring-loaded, telescoping blade out of the lightsaber hilt. The auto-extend blade distinguishes Force Action lightsabers from many other toy lightsabers, enhancing play value and making lightsaber blade extension look a bit more realistic. Many other toy lightsabers blades require the user to manually deploy the blade or simply use a fixed blade that doesn’t extend at all. Force Action lightsaber toys require the user to manually retract the blade by pushing the blade back in the hilt.

Force Action lightsabers are oversized in appearance and are much larger in length and diameter than many other Hasbro lightsabers from other toy lightsaber product lines.

The battery powered lightsabers make both sound and light FX. Force Action lightsabers are NOT part of the Hasbro BladeBuilders toy lightsaber line or the higher-end Force FX lightsaber line.


2018-present Force Action Lightsabers
• Star Wars Rey (Jedi Training) Force Action Electronic Lightsaber
• Star Wars Kylo Ren Force Action Electronic Lightsaber

2006-2008 Force Action Lightsabers DISCONTINUED

• Star Wars Darth Vader Force Action Lightsaber
• Star Wars Luke Skywalker Force Action Lightsaber
• Star Wars Clone Wars Force Action Lightsaber Force Unleashed
• Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Force Action Lightsaber
• Star Wars Mace Windu Force Action Lightsaber

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