Hasbro Star Wars Bladebuilders lightsaber line: What you should know

Star Wars Bladebuilders is an officially licensed toy lightsaber line by Hasbro. Bladebuilders launched in Fall of 2015, so the line is still relatively new. What neat about the Bladebuilders toy lightsaber line is you can mix and match different components from different sets. So you can use connectors from one set with lightsaber from another set. That means, the more Bladebuilders sets you collect, the more crazy combinations of lightsabers you’re able to construct. You can also easily go back an reconfigure the pieces as a more basic lightsaber, however, as well.

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The Bladebuilders line varies widely in features and in price. Some Bladebuilders sets light up and make sound while others do not. The majority of Bladebuilders sets are lightsabers, but a couple non-lightsaber toys like the Electric Riot Baton and the Rey of Jakku Extendable Staff are included in the Bladebuilders line as well. Hasbro even released a few Nerf Bladebuilders lightsabers that use Nerf foam for the blade instead of plastic, but the Nerf Bladebuilders sets appear to be retired at the moment.

Some of the cheapest Bladebuilders lightsabers are under $10, while some of the more elaborate sets with lots of pieces and light and sound retail for around $50. The Star Wars Bladebuilders set featured in this article is called Path of the Force Lightsaber [AFFILIATE LINK for Amazon].

Star Wars Bladebuilders is a pretty neat toy line featuring many customization opportunities. There’s also a surprisingly high number of Bladebuilders sets available–around 20 or so in total (check out the SaberSourcing List of Star Wars Bladebuilders Lightsabers by Hasbro).

The recommended age range for Bladebuilders sets varies slightly, but the recommended minimum age tends to be pretty young. For example, the recommended minimum age for Path of Force is ages 4 and up, which is a pretty generous and inclusive age minimum.

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What do you think about the Star Wars Bladebuilders toy line? What are some of the craziest Bladebuilders contraptions that you, your kids or grandkids have built?

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