Lightsaber Novelty Bottle Opener Keychain Luke ROTJ Full Review

This is a novelty lightsaber bottle opener keychain that I purchased on eBay. The lightsaber bottle opener keychain is unbranded, unlicensed and made in China. A bunch of different sellers on eBay and elsewhere offer this piece. It’s a Luke ROTJ style lightsaber. Different sellers name the piece in different ways, but searching for “ligthsaber bottle opener keychain” on eBay should yield many buying options.

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The lightsaber bottle opener keychain is inexpensive. Many people sell it for somewhere between $3 and $10. You can also find the lightsaber bottle opener keychain on AliExpress and Alibaba in larger quantities.

The keychain is a pretty standard size for a bottle opener, but a bit large and heavy for everyday use as a keychain. The lightsaber bottle opener keychain weighs 2.6 ounces. The keychain is 5 inches long (including the bottle opener segment). The hilt section is 3.5 inches long.

The lightsaber bottle opener keychain looks nicer in the stock photo than it does in real life. I only paid a few dollars for it so I’m not complaining. The ‘copper’ color paint on the neck of the saber is a little thin and faint. The lightsaber section also has a very thick and prominent edge in the middle.

It’s not a super high quality keychain and it’s not meant to be. It is an inexpensive, functional, metal bottle opener keychain that looks like a lightsaber.

I tested the bottle opener out on a bottle of pop, soda, or whatever you’d like to call it (it’s a fizzy drink if you’re in England). The bottle opener works just fine.

Find Lightsaber Bottle Opener Keychain on eBay (~ $3 to $10) [AFFILIATE LINK]

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