The Custom Saber Shop Red Card Full Review lightsaber clamp card

The Custom Saber Shop Red Card is a clamp card intended to be added to an activation box on a lightsaber hilt. The card is a pretty standard size: 2 inches long and 0.57 inches wide. As with clamp cards from other companies, you may need to sand down the card or modify it slightly to fit the activation box on your lightsaber.

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The Red Card is a different kind of card because it’s not based on any of the Star Wars movie clamp card designs. The card is red, unlike the mostly black or greenish PCB style cards shown in the movies. Some reflective foil accents are added to the top of the card (it’s a one sized card).

The Custom Saber Shop Red Card installed on a lightsaber

In addition to Red Card, The Custom Saber Shop also offer two additional clamp cards with the same design, using different colored plastic. One is Black Card and the other Natural Card (a semi transparent greenish card). Both Black Card and Natural Card are out of stock, as of 10/16/2018. The Custom Saber Shop used to sell a Bubble Card as well, but the Bubble Card has been out of stock for many months.

Red Card is listed in the ‘MHSV1 Clamps & Boxes’ section on The Custom Saber Shop’s website.

The Custom Saber Shop Red Card

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