REVIEW Parks Sabers Volution Lightsaber | Vintage ‘Snowflake’ Custom Saber

Parks Sabers Volution lightsaber ('Snowflake' lightsaber)

This is a Parks Sabers Volution lightsaber. Originally released in 2008, Volution is a vintage Parks Sabers lightsaber. The custom saber has an Old Republic (SWTOR) style vibe. Parks Sabers founder Jeffrey Parks refers to the hilt as ‘Snowflake’ in a YouTube video interview since the profile of the hilt from the bottom somewhat resembles … Read more

REVIEW Starfall Sabers Rahm Kota Variant Lightsaber Hilt

This is a Starfall Sabers Rahm Kota Variant Lightsaber and I believe it’s a one-of-a-kind design. The custom saber is somewhat inspired by the design of the Rahm Kota lightsaber. Although Starfall Sabers makes two standard Rahm Kota inspired lightsabers (one is named Kota the Elder and the other is named Kota the Younger), the … Read more

WannaWanga: Roy’s Saber Parts Shop | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

WannaWanga: Roy’s Saber Parts Shop is a custom lightsaber parts store based in the Netherlands. WannaWanga specializes in screen accurate lightsabers parts inspired by Original Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy lightsaber hilts. Lightsaber parts available in the WannaWanga store include: T-track grips, clamp cards, bubble cards, wires, greeblies, and other parts. The WannaWanga website also features … Read more

What is a Graflex clamp? | Lightsaber Terminology

Graflex clamp

A Graflex clamp is a lightsaber part comprised of a metal fastening assembly that encircles the midsection of a vintage 1930s/1940s era Graflex 3 Cell Flashgun. Although the mounting clamp is designed to attach to the flashgun to the camera, Star Wars prop makers salvaged and slightly modified a real world Graflex 3 Cell Flashgun … Read more

Ultrasabers Archon V3.1 Lightsaber Hilt Full Review with Custom Activation Box

Ultrasabers Archon 3.1 lightsaber

This is an Ultrasabers Archon 3.1 lightsaber that features an intriguing, added custom activation box. I purchased the lightsaber hilt secondhand, and the previous owner had modded the hilt, adding the decorative activation box and clamp card. Few Ultrasabers hilts come with an activation box, and NONE of the Ultrasabers hilts feature clamp cards at … Read more

Lightsaber Parts and ‘Power Cell’ Battery Decals: An Interview with Skywampa

Skywampa, a United Kingdom based Etsy store, specializes in staple DIY lightsaber parts including: clamp cards, D-rings, a crystal chamber and even some uncommon and popular ‘power cell’ style battery decals. On Etsy since 2014, Skywampa has made over 2200 sales to date. SaberSourcing interviewed Skywampa about his UK based lightsaber parts store. Can you … Read more

Lightsaber Clamp Card vs Bubble Strip

Graflex and MPP sabers

Lightsaber clamp card vs bubble strip; which do you prefer on a lightsaber hilt? Does it really just depend on the specific hilt model? Let’s compare the two most common types of activation plate styles. Both clamp cards and bubble strips are commonly associated with Star Wars: Original Trilogy style lightsabers. The main similarities between … Read more

Making Slothfurnace Lightsaber Clamp Cards: An Interview with creator Bradley W. Lewis

Slothfurnace lightsaber

Nothing completes the look of an Original Trilogy style lightsaber quite like a clamp card. Slothfurnace is one of the most popular clamp card makers around. Although most Slothfurnace cards are painstakingly modeled after lightsaber clamp cards shown in the movies, the striking IMP Celebration 2017 SE instead takes design inspiration from Imperial corridor patterning. … Read more

The Custom Saber Shop Red Card Full Review lightsaber clamp card

The Custom Saber Shop red card

The Custom Saber Shop Red Card is a clamp card intended to be added to an activation box on a lightsaber hilt. The card is a pretty standard size: 2 inches long and 0.57 inches wide. As with clamp cards from other companies, you may need to sand down the card or modify it slightly … Read more

Who sells lightsaber clamp cards? (Slothfurnace and beyond)

lightsaber clamp cards

A clamp card is a pretty popular finishing piece, or greeblie, that people like to use with their Star Wars Original Trilogy style lightsabers. Lightsaber enthusiasts also use clamp cards with their own custom designs that include activation boxes. Using a clamp card is a neat way to give a lightsaber a ‘Star Wars’ feel … Read more