What is a clamp card? | Lightsaber Terminology

A lightsaber clamp card is a printed circuit board (PCB) style piece that attaches to a lightsaber’s activation box. Clamp cards are most commonly associated with Star Wars: Original Trilogy lightsabers, especially the Graflex or Skywalker style lightsaber. A clamp card is also considered to be a greeblie, which is an add-on piece or garnish to the lightsaber hilt.

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Although clamp cards are intended to serve as activation plates, sometimes lightsabers feature a clamp card this is non-functional and the button to actually activate the saber will be located elsewhere on the hilt. In the case of Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX Lightsabers, the clamp card piece slides up to activate the lightsaber. Other lightsabers may use a separate AV switch, or some other type of switch, to activate the lightsaber instead. Custom Saber manufacturer Electrum Sabercrafts uses a functional touch switch whose appearance is modeled after classic lightsaber clamp cards.

The most well-known clamp card maker is Slothfurnace. Slothfurnace also offers the widest selection of clamp cards. Other vendors sell clamp cards as well, including: Skywampa, Wanna Wanga, One Replicas, The Custom Saber Shop, and KR Sabers.

Sometimes a clamp card may require modification to fit your lightsaber (i.e. the card may need to be cut down or sanded down to fit the activation box). You also need to make sure you size the clamp card correctly. For example, One Replicas clamp cards are slightly smaller than standard because they are designed specifically for One Replicas hilts.

Clamp cards range in both price and quality. Some of the cheapest clamp cards are around $5, while some of the high quality and more screen accurate clamp cards are $20 or more. It’s kind of like everything in the lightsaber hobby—you can spend a little amount of money or you can end up spending a lot of money for something more detailed and customized.


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