How to Use a LEGO Brick Separator Tool as a Lightsaber Battery Removal Tool (Easy DIY Hack)

A LEGO Brick Separator, sometimes called a LEGO human tool, is a handy tool for separating LEGO bricks. Turns out a LEGO Brick Separator is also a useful tool for removing a battery from a lightsaber (Buy LEGO Brick Separator tools on Amazon [AFFILIATE LINK]).

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Watch How to Use a LEGO Brick Separator Tool as a Lightsaber Battery Removal Tool (Easy DIY Hack) on YouTube

A LEGO Brick Separator tool is a handy lightsaber battery removal tool for several reasons. The Brick Separator tool is made of plastic (DO NOT use any metal pieces to pry the battery out). The tool is also inexpensive and easy to find. If you don’t already have a LEGO Brick Separator lying around your house, you can easily purchase one or a few from LEGO, eBay or Amazon for a few dollars (including shipping).

Using the LEGO Brick Separator to remove the battery is very easy. All you need to do is wedge the thin end of the brick separator into the edge of the battery pack and gently pry out the battery. Easy.

I am NOT the first person to come up with the idea of using a LEGO Brick Separator as a lightsaber battery removal tool. I saw someone else do this a few months ago (I don’t remember exactly where).

Using a LEGO Brick Separator tool is not the only way to remove a stubborn battery from a lightsaber. Vader’s Vault sells a guitar pick for removing the battery. YouTuber viewer Martin Paták mentions that plastic cards, like gift cards or credit cards, could aid battery removal as well. Finally, some people just pry the battery out with their hands.

Note that depending on the manufacturer, some lightsaber batteries don’t need to be pried out of the battery pack. Sometimes the chassis may be unscrewed/loosened to allow the battery to come out of the hilt without prying. Newer Vader’s Vault lightsabers do not require prying the battery out.

You can find LEGO Brick Separators from many stores, including Amazon. Feel free to check out LEGO Brick Separator tools on Amazon [AFFILIATE LINK]). As of the posting of this video, the separators are about $5 for 3 of them.

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