Hardware Store Lightsaber Hilt Review Rustic Avenger

Rustic Defender lightsaber

I purchased this hardware store lightsaber second hand. I’m not sure who made it or if it has a name so I’m naming it ‘Rustic Avenger’. Hardware store lightsaber hilts are display pieces or cosplay pieces that are cobbled together from ‘found parts’ from a hardware store or home improvement store. Many hardware store lightsaber … Read more

How a Soap Dish Makes a SURPRISINGLY Attractive Lightsaber Stand

lightsaber stand soap dish

Did you know that some soap dishes can actually be repurposed as an affordable and attractive lightsaber display stand? Many soap dishes only cost around $5 to $20 each, depending on the design, material, and the seller. Watch How a Soap Dish Makes a SURPRISINGLY Attractive Lightsaber Stand on YouTube Soap dish designs come in … Read more

Lightsaber Hilt Kit vs Empty Hilt: What’s the Difference

empty lightsaber hilts

Empty lightsaber hilt kits and hilts are more versatile and affordable than lightsabers installed with electronics. Some lightsaber enthusiasts get an empty hilt or an empty hilt kit for a static display piece or cosplay accessory. Others get an empty hilt or empty hilt kit in order to install electronics or commission a sabersmith to install … Read more

TheronThings: Hand Made Wooden Lightsaber Hilt | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

TheronThings Ahsoka Solid Wood Lightsaber set of 2

TheronThings is a Canada based Etsy store [affiliate link] that specializes in making solid wood lightsabers. The lightsabers, which are made out of beech wood, come in two main sizes: Full Size or a smaller Children’s Size. TheronThings offers custom sizing options as well. All the lightsaber hilts are character inspired designs. TheronThings currently has 7 … Read more

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS): One Stop Shop for Lightsaber Parts (Lightsaber Company Spotlight)

The Custom Saber Shop

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS), founded by Tim Yaskus and based in the United States, is one of the largest and oldest custom lightsaber parts shops in world. In addition to selling lightsaber parts, the company offers a selection of lightsaber services (CAD design, powder coating, custom lathe work, etc) and a wealth of FREE information … Read more

What is a cane lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber cane

A cane lightsaber, sometimes called a sabercane or lightsaber cane, is a cane or walking stick containing a hidden lightsaber. In Star Wars canon, Maul and the Jedi Tera Sinube each used a cane lightsaber. Watch What is a cane lightsaber? (Lightsaber Terminology) on YouTube Cane Lightsaber as a Real Life Mobility AidSome lightsaber enthusiasts … Read more

The Pach Store Sunkiller Lightsaber Hilt Kit | New Saber Alert

The Pach Store Sunkiller lightsaber

The Pach Store released the Sunkiller lightsaber. Sunkiller is a black and silver colored custom saber inspired by the design of Starkiller’s dual lightsabers (TFU2). Sunkiller is available as an empty hilt kit only. Assembly is required and Sunkiller does not come with electronics, a blade or accessories. The Pach Store recommends the hilt for … Read more

Saberforge Initiate, Artificer, Warrior, Veteran, Champion, Hero: What’s the Difference?

Saberforge lightsabers

Saberforge offers 5 electronics tiers on their lightsabers including: Initiate, Articifer, Warrior, Veteran, Champion, and Hero. Please note that Youngling Sabers, which are not manufactured in-house by Saberforge, are only available as sound sabers. Let’s take a closer look at all 5 Saberforge electronics tiers.

Ripper Blades Adds Inexpensive DIY Ripper Blade Kit to Store (NEW PRODUCT ALERT)

Ripper Blades DIY Ripper Blade Set flat acrylic blades

Custom lightsaber blade maker Ripper Blades added a DIY Ripper Blade Kit to both Ripper Blades and its budget-friendly sister website Ripper Clones. Each kit includes a raw acrylic blade and a 1 inch diameter, 2 long inch lightsaber blade tang (i.e. stem). Ripper Blades are compatible with most custom saber companies that use 1 … Read more

How to Display a Lightsaber Hilt WITHOUT a Stand

lightsaber hilt display without a stand

Some lightsaber hilts can be displayed on your bookshelf or on your table with a stand. Since most lightsabers are very cylindrical in shape, you need to be careful setting them on a flat surface because you don’t want them to roll off. That’s one of the reasons why people will buy a lightsaber stand, … Read more