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The Pach Store released the Sunkiller lightsaber. Sunkiller is a black and silver colored custom saber inspired by the design of Starkiller’s dual lightsabers (TFU2). Sunkiller is available as an empty hilt kit only. Assembly is required and Sunkiller does not come with electronics, a blade or accessories. The Pach Store recommends the hilt for advanced builders. The company provides a helpful Sunkiller Lightsaber Assembly video on YouTube.

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The Pach Store Sunkiller lightsaber
Set of two assembled Sunkiller lightsaber hilts from The Pach Store | IMAGE CREDIT The Pach Store

The Sunkiller hilt is about 12 inches long (305mm) with about a 1.02 inch ID. The hilt is designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade. The hilt is mostly black and metallic silver in color with an anodized red activation button. Sunkiller includes a blade retention screw and LED module retention screw near the top of a hilt and an additional screw near the base of the hilt that the builder could use to attach a Covertec wheel (not included).

The black, slanted emitter features a large cutout section in the the front and another cutout section in the rear (The Pach Store cautions that the emitter section is a bit sharp). Two black shrouds attach to the main body of the hilt. Four flat, metallic silver colored rings encircle the middle of the hilt. The anodized red activation button attaches to the middle of the rings on the front of the hilt. The rear of the hilt features two open aux switch holes (aux switches not includes). Finally, a black vented pommel flares out of the bottom of the hilt.

Sunkiller is available from The Pach Store as an empty hilt kit (assembly required). The Pach Store offers a discounted rate for purchasing two Sunkiller hilt kits at the same time.

The Pach Store Sunkiller lightsaber
Sunkiller lightsaber hilt kit parts (top) and assembled Sunkiller lightsaber hilt (bottom) | IMAGE CREDIT The Pach Store

The Pach Store is a Hong Kong based custom saber company. The company sells a variety of custom lightsabers, ranging from budget sound sabers to midrange/high-end hilts and hilt kits.

The Pach Store

Image depicts a set of two assembled Sunkiller lightsabers from The Pach Store.

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