Hardware Store Lightsaber Hilt Review Rustic Avenger

I purchased this hardware store lightsaber second hand. I’m not sure who made it or if it has a name so I’m naming it ‘Rustic Avenger’.

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Hardware store lightsaber hilts are display pieces or cosplay pieces that are cobbled together from ‘found parts’ from a hardware store or home improvement store. Many hardware store lightsaber components can be found in plumbing section. Making or purchasing a hardware store lightsaber is both a fun and cost effective way to acquire a basic cosplay lightsaber or display piece.

Rustic Defender is about 12 inches long, which is a pretty common and standard lightsaber hilt length. The hilt features what appears to be a rounded emitter shroud cut by hand (the curve of the emitter shroud is imperfect). The inside of the emitter shroud and part of the hilt are painted a gold or brass color. Some of the paint has worn off (i.e. weathered?) revealing the metal below.

The side of the emitter shroud features some greeblies that imitate activation switches. Inside the emitter, the lightsaber hilt creator installed a round red reflector piece in order to add some color and mimic the activation point of the lightsaber blade.

The grip section is comprised of a black plastic accordion style hose. The bottom section of the hilt is made from a metal pipe that’s capped with a PVC cap, that serves as the pommel. The PVC cap features a D-ring so that the hilt could be worn.

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