Hasbro Force FX Elite Lightsaber vs Force FX (Standard) Comparison: What’s The Difference?

Hasbro released a new lightsaber called the Star Wars: The Black Series Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Force FX Elite Lightsaber in October 2019. The lightsaber is the first ever Force FX Elite Lightsaber on the market. How does the new Force FX Elite lightsaber differ from previous, standard Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX … Read more

Ripper Blades vs Ripper Clones: What’s the Difference?

Ripper Blades and Ripper Clones

Ripper Blades and Ripper Clones both specialize in making flat acrylic lightsabers blades. Both stores are also owned and operated by Gary and Vee Ripper. What’s the difference between Ripper Blades and Ripper Clones? Let’s compare the two stores. ORIGIN: Ripper Blades vs Ripper ClonesRipper Blades first launched in 2016. Gary ‘Rip’ Ripper made the … Read more

Lightsaber Hilt Kit vs Empty Hilt: What’s the Difference

empty lightsaber hilts

Empty lightsaber hilt kits and hilts are more versatile and affordable than lightsabers installed with electronics. Some lightsaber enthusiasts get an empty hilt or an empty hilt kit for a static display piece or cosplay accessory. Others get an empty hilt or empty hilt kit in order to install electronics or commission a sabersmith to install … Read more

The Custom Saber Shop’s MHS V1 vs MHS V2 Lightsaber Parts: What’s the difference?

The Custom Saber Shop MHS V1 vs V2

The Custom Saber Shop, a United States based custom saber company, is the creator of the Modular Hilt System (MHS). The Modular Hilt System is a mix-and-match lightsaber building system comprised of a series of interchangeable, modular lightsaber parts (e.g. emitter, body, pommel, etc). The buyer selects and combines various MHS hilt pieces in order to … Read more

Star Wars The Black Series Lightsabers vs Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers: What’s the difference?

Force FX lightsabers

What’s the difference between Star Wars: The Black Series lightsabers and Star Wars Force FX lightsabers? Although the terms overlap, they don’t always refer to the same thing. Watch Star Wars The Black Series Lightsabers vs Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers: What’s the difference? on YouTube The Black Series lightsabersThe Black Series is a line … Read more

Saberforge Apprentice vs Elite lightsabers: What’s the difference?

a selection of Saberforge lightsabers

Saberforge Apprentice and Elite are two of the most common categories of lightsabers on the Saberforge website. The titles ‘Apprentice’ and ‘Elite’ refer to categories rather than specific hilt models. For example, the lightsaber on the far left is an example of an Apprentice lightsaber, but the lightsaber itself is called Disciple. The lightsabers to … Read more

Ultrasabers vs Saberforge Initiate lightsaber: What’s the difference?

Ultrasabers vs Saberforge Initiate Saber

Ultrasabers and Saberforge both sell Initiate lightsabers, but each company uses the term in a different way. If you purchase an Initiate lightsaber from Ultrasabers, that means you’re purchasing a specific hilt model. Ultrasabers Initiate hilt models include: Initiate V2, Initiate LE V2, Dark Initiate V2, Dark Initiate LE V2 Initiate V3, Initiate LE V3, … Read more