Hasbro Mandalorian Darksaber Force FX Elite Lightsaber Unveiled | New Saber Alert

Hasbro Mandalorian Darksaber Force FX lightsaber

The Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series Mandalorian Darksaber Force FX Elite Lightsaber has been unveiled. The Darksaber, an ancient black-bladed lightsaber, serves as a symbol of leadership to the Mandalorians. The officially licensed lightsaber joins the Star Wars Force FX lightsaber collection, a line of realistic, collectible lightsabers light up, make sound and feature … Read more

Ripper Blades Launches Most Realistic Black Lightsaber Blades Yet: Black Onyx Collection | New Product Alert

Ripper Blades has launched the Black Onyx Collection, a new product line of custom Darksaber style flat acrylic blades. The realistic custom lightsaber blades featuring a bold and defined black center with a crisp edge.

Mandalorian Darksaber | Lightsaber Profile

The Darksaber is an ancient black-bladed lightsaber. The Darksaber, a single-bladed lightsaber, emits an unusually shaped blade with a short, flat, sword-like appearance. According to Star Wars Canon, Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian Jedi, constructs the Darksaber sometime before 1019 BBY.

Hasbro The Mandalorian Darksaber Electronic Lightsaber Toy | New Saber Alert

Hasbro unveiled The Mandalorian Darksaber Electronic Lightsaber. The lightsaber toy is based on the design of infamous black-bladed Darksaber, a symbol of Mandalorian power for generations. The flat-bladed Darksaber appears during the season 1 finale of The Mandalorian, the acclaimed Star Wars television series on Disney+. The Mandalorian Darksaber Electronic Lightsaber is recommended for ages … Read more

Black Lightsaber Blade Color Meaning and History

black lightsaber blade

A black lightsaber is one of the rarest lightsaber blade colors in Star Wars Canon. The Darksaber is the only known black bladed lightsaber to exist. The mysterious Darksaber is an ancient, black-bladed lightsaber with a flat, sword-shaped blade. Players of the Star Wars Legends video games Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Star Wars: The … Read more

6 Non-Force Users Who Wield Lightsabers

Use the Force…or don’t. A lightsaber can be an unwieldy and downright dangerous weapon to a non-Force user. Nevertheless, here are 6 non-Force users in Star Wars Canon who take their chances and wield the vibrant, plasma-bladed weapon of the Jedi and the Sith. 1. Cad Bane Generally favoring his twin LL-30 blaster pistols, Clone … Read more

Star Wars DARKSABER Toy Review | Rubie’s Black Lightsaber

Rubie's Darksaber

The Star Wars Darksaber toy by Rubie’s is a rare officially licensed Darksaber product. Despite the popularity of the Darksaber, an ominous black-bladed lightsaber, very few officially licensed Darksaber products exist. Hasbro does not make a Darksaber toy or Force FX lightsaber Darksaber collectible, for example. UPDATE: Hasbro released the Mandalorian Darksaber Electronic Lightsaber Toy … Read more

Ripper Blades vs Ripper Clones: What’s the Difference?

Ripper Blades and Ripper Clones

Ripper Blades and Ripper Clones both specialize in making flat acrylic lightsabers blades. Both stores are also owned and operated by Gary and Vee Ripper. What’s the difference between Ripper Blades and Ripper Clones? Let’s compare the two stores. ORIGIN: Ripper Blades vs Ripper ClonesRipper Blades first launched in 2016. Gary ‘Rip’ Ripper made the … Read more

Who sells BLACK lightsaber blades (Darksaber style)?

blade lightsaber blades

Since its inception, Darksaber, the infamous black-blacked lightsaber, has captivated the imagination of lightsaber enthusiasts around the world. The unusual weapon, which is part of Star Wars canon, was constructed by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian Jedi Knight. Unlike most lightsabers, Darksaber’s blade is flat, curved and pointed at the top like a traditional sword … Read more

How many lightsaber colors are there?

Ultrasabers lightsaber collection

The number of lightsaber colors in existence depends greatly on your point of view. Let’s take a look at a brief history of lightsaber colors. Watch How many lightsaber colors are there? on YouTube Original Lightsaber Color (unused concept) WHITE Originally, George Lucas planned for all lightsabers to be white. Early Ralph McQuarrie concept art … Read more