Ripper Blades vs Ripper Clones: What’s the Difference?

Ripper Blades and Ripper Clones both specialize in making flat acrylic lightsabers blades. Both stores are also owned and operated by Gary and Vee Ripper. What’s the difference between Ripper Blades and Ripper Clones? Let’s compare the two stores.

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ORIGIN: Ripper Blades vs Ripper Clones
Ripper Blades first launched in 2016. Gary ‘Rip’ Ripper made the first Ripper Blade, a Darksaber blade, after looking at a nightlight. Ripper Clones, a budget-friendly sister website to Ripper Blades, launched in 2018.

DESIGN: Ripper Blades vs Ripper Clones
Ripper Clones use an overall similar blade design to their flat acrylic Ripper Blades counterparts. Ripper Clones feature fewer details and flourishes than Ripper Blades. Ripper Blades spend more times on etching, polishing and sanding the blade than Ripper Clones.

Both Ripper Clones and Ripper Blades use an attractive in-blade lightning pattern, however, Ripper Clones use less detailed blade lightning and less blade lightning overall.
Ripper Blades also accepts commissions for custom designs. Ripper Clones does not accept commissions–all blades are sold as off-the-shelf products.

SELECTION: Ripper Blades vs Ripper Clones
Ripper Blades offers a much wider selection of products and options overall than Ripper Clones. Ripper Blades offers several types of blades: flat acrylic blades (multiple color options), premium tube blades, and custom blades (by commission). Ripper Clones offers a more limited selection of flat acrylic blades only. All Ripper Clones are clear (no color options). Both Ripper Blades and Ripper Clones offers a DIY Ripper Blade that allows lightsaber enthusiasts to customize and personalize their very own ‘raw’ Ripper Blade as a DIY project.

BLADE COMPATIBILITY: Ripper Blades vs Ripper Clones
Both Ripper Blades and Ripper Clones use a blade tang / stem that’s 1 inch in diameter and compatible with hilts from most major custom saber companies (e.g. Ultrasabers, Saberforge, Vader’s Vault, The Custom Saber Shop, Sabertrio, Electrum Sabercrafts, etc). Both Ripper Blades and Ripper Clones can make a 7/8 inch diameter or 3/4 inch diameter blade tang by request as well.

SHIPPING SPEED: Ripper Blades vs Ripper Clones
Ripper Clones states they will ship in 2 business days. Ripper Blades shipping estimates vary by product and demand. As of 5/29/19, Ripper Blades estimates 2-3 weeks for shipping, although some Ready to Ship Ripper Blades may ship faster (e.g. Guess What Boxes, 1 of a Kind Rippers or Stock Rippers).

PRICE: Ripper Blades vs Ripper Clones
Ripper Clones are generally lower in price ($35 to $85) than their more detailed and decorative Ripper Blades counterparts ($40 to $250+).

Ripper Blades Etsy Store affiliate link

Ripper Blades website

Ripper Clones website

COVER IMAGE CREDIT: Ripper Blades and Ripper Clones
Image depicts Cutlass V1 Ripper Blade (left) and Cutlass V1 Ripper Clone (right)

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