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7 Chambers is a United Kingdom based custom saber company that specializes in limited runs of empty hilts, many of which are character inspired in design. The company has collaborated with Phoenix Props (Germany) and Korbanth Sabers (United States) on several hilt projects.

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In addition to making hilts, 7 Chambers has also developed several boards including: SaberWAV along with the CoreFX and Spectra line of stunt saber FX boards.

Stunt Saber FX Boards: CoreFX and Spectra Lightsaber Controllers
The company first developed CoreFX, a lightsaber controller for stunt sabers, in 2013. CoreFX and its predecessor CoreFX 2.0 add exciting visual effects to stunt sabers like: flash on clash, flicker, fade on/off, lock-up, etc.

The company also developed the similar Spectra and Spectra V2 lightsaber controller (made exclusively for UK seller JQ Sabers). 7 Chambers discontinued the CoreFX line in 2017, but has stated the Spectra V2 board will continue to be distributed through JQ Sabers (Spectra V2 remains out of stock, as of 5/29/19, however).

LIST OF 7 CHAMBERS HILTS (Updated 5/29/2019)
Note: list may be incomplete
2019 Lightsaber Hilt Releases
Untitled Qui-Gon Jinn style hilt
Untitled Quinlan Vos
Fallen Hilt
DMS (Darth Maul style hilts from Solo) in collaboration with Korbanth Sabers

The Cade (Cade Skywalker style hilt)

2018 Lightsaber Hilt Releases
Ultimate Hero (Luke ROTJ style hero lightsaber hilt) in collaboration with Phoenix Props
Ultimate Starkiller in collaboration with Phoenix Props
Imperial Knight in collaboration with Phoenix Props

2017 Lightsaber Hilt Releases
Emissary V2
Emissary V1

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SaberStore (the 7 Chambers official website)

7 Chambers Etsy Store CLOSED affiliate link

COVER IMAGE: 7 Chambers x Phoenix Props Ultimate Starkiller Lightsaber hilt (main photo, image credit: 7 Chambers) and Spectra V2 board (lower right corner).

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